How To Go Beyond The Essentials And Create A Contact Page That Stands Out.

There is a seldom-discussed truth about web design: Many people who visit your website will skip your beautifully designed homepage and will never read your mission statement or customer testimonials.

Instead they will go directly to your “Contact Us” page. This is especially true in the era of smartphones and the mobile internet, when prospects can tap on a phone number or email address to get near immediate contact with your business.

Design your contact page knowing that it will receive many views, and be a page that is sought out by your visitors.

Certain things are prescribed for a contact page, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. But contact pages don’t have to be boring or standardized.

Follow these guidelines for creative contact pages that compel visitors to follow through.


‘Give Us A Shout’ And Other Fun Contact Page Copy Lines

When a potential customer has navigated to your contact page, they are showing a strong interest in your company. Great contact page copy can nudge them from a consideration-stage prospect to becoming a real lead for your business.

Brevity is essential in contact page copy – you don’t want to distract visitors from the information they are looking for: e.g. your phone number or email address. But a compelling phrase that encapsulates why someone should contact your business is a great enhancement to the standard information.

Servicate combines a fun, informal tone with a compelling call-to-action on their contact page: “Let’s make something awesome together.” That’s better than “contact us,” right?

Here are some other examples: “Talk to a human,” “Give us a shout,” and our very own “we’re looking forward to hearing from you!”


Design For Mobile

Mobile touchscreens have made for a completely seamless path for prospects from online search of your business to phone call, text, or email to your business.

But touchscreens don’t mesh quite as well with another important contact page element: the contact form. Contact page forms serve a good purpose. They give people another way to contact you without a call or email and help you segment your leads as they come in and strategize for personalized follow-up.

But be sure to follow mobile web design best practices, minimizing the number of fields you have on the form and offering drop-down options. This will minimize the potential for thumb-typing errors and frustration.

Add Extras

Your contact page will have similar information to most others: business name, address, phone number, email address, and contact form. But the similarities could end there.

Consider dressing it up with a cool background that reflects what your business does, or a quirky image that will leave a lasting impression. Add a location map to give your location a user-friendly visual. Include links and logos of the social media platforms you are active on. Social media plugins that showcase your latest posts are also appropriate.

And for visitors who fill out your contact form, make sure they are redirected to a thank you page after they hit submit that invites them to check out a different part of your site.


A contact page is essential to every business website. But it doesn’t have to be formulaic. Make sure yours stands out with powerful copy, mobile responsiveness, and the extras that fully engage your visitors.


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