Digging Into Our “One Page Marketing Plan” At The Essex Hub For Women And Business

I am grateful for the opportunity I had in mid-September to work with a fabulous group of women business owners at a gathering at the Essex Hub for Women and Business in Essex Junction.

The Essex Hub hosted the Essex chapter of the Women Business Owners of Vermont, and it encourages women entrepreneurs through education, community support, and celebration of success.

The Essex Hub for Women in Business is a coworking space set in downtown Essex Junction, Vermont. The Essex Hub occupies the e2 building and has created an inviting and supportive environment for women in business.

On Sept. 19, ten business owners sat down to brainstorm around, and discuss their individual approaches to, the topic of the day: “Small Business Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age.” It was a roundtable of intelligent women with developed businesses who are eager to improve their digital marketing plans.

And the time flew by!

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I prepared Breezy Hill Marketing’s  “One Page Marketing Plan” as a conversation starter, then joined participants in a workshop-style session around the plan. The one-pager is a condensed version of our Marketing Budget Template, which has been the most popular download from our website.

The condensed plan has six pillars:

  • Define your product or service
  • Identify your buyer
  • Create a sales target
  • Create a marketing goal
  • Identify a strategy
  • Identify your marketing tactics

We dug into the details of each action. Where is your business at with each step? What practical steps can you take to accomplish each? How do the steps build off and complement each other? What does an overall marketing strategy look like for your business?

All of the women spoke, and it was apparent that these concepts are familiar to all of them. The workshop helped everyone connect the dots and get all the actions working together for a cohesive marketing strategy.

Women business owners have unique time constraints. As the Essex Hub for Women and Business describes:

“… women working from home trying to get their great idea off the ground, usually working in between the obligations of caring for family and keeping everyone else organized and satisfied, sometimes being able to sustain their business but often times not. We know that endeavors stagnate or sometimes fail, not because of lack of love, but because of lack of community, encouragement, efficient access to critical information and support that accommodates for all of our obligations and divided time and attention.”

With this reality as a backdrop, a lot of the discussion at the event centered on what tools are available to help business owners implement a marketing plan, what parts of the plan can realistically be tackled, and what steps can be taken today to get positive results for your business?

If you’re interested in connecting with WBON, their fall conference is coming up Nov. 8 at Hotel Vermont. And, if you have not visited The Essex Hub for Women and Business, I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful, thoughtfully designed space for growing your business.


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