Email Lists Require Nurturing If They Are To Work For You.


Targeted email lists represent your most qualified leads – they are a combination of existing customers and prospects who have opted in to communicate with you.

Here are five ways to use email marketing to maximize that line of communication and ensure ongoing positive engagement with your contacts.


1) Personalize Your Emails By Categorizing Contacts

Your email list is comprised of unique individuals who came to you through varied means looking for different things. To treat them as if they were one uniform block by sending each the same emails is a ticket to irrelevancy.


Smart email list management means categorizing your contacts using what you know about them. The extent of your knowledge about each contact depends on what you have asked of them, and what they’ve provided, in your contact forms. For existing customers, their purchasing history is relevant to future emails.

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Contacts can be segmented by a plethora of categories including age, location, career information and past purchases. You will end up with several email lists grouped by commonalities that you choose. Then you can customize your messages to each audience.


2) Write Great Subject Lines


Your email’s subject line is the first thing the recipient sees and plays a huge role in determining whether the email will be opened. You have few words to make an impact, so active words are key.


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It is also important that your subject line provides a clear picture of what the email is about. Putting too much effort into being catchy and cute could backfire if your subject line doesn’t really describe what the email is about. Instead, make it clear, action-oriented and relevant to what your contacts will find when they open the email.


3) Take Advantage Of Preview Text

Email preview text is an often overlooked opportunity to entice more of your audience to read your email. This is the text that email software automatically displays next to a subject line to give people more of an idea what’s in the email before it is opened.

People browse their inboxes reading only subject lines and preview text before determining which emails to open and which to ignore.

Preview text can be auto-generated by your email software, but it really should be customized. It’s an awesome chance to be creative and engaging. It can also be tied into the subject line.

These two snippets are viewed next to each other, so when they play off each other (like if your subject line asks a question and your preview text answers it) they can be really effective and have a positive impact on your open rate.


4) Always Include Calls-To-Action

Whether it is as simple as “follow us on Twitter” or as extensive as “upgrade your service plan,” some call-to-action should be embedded in every email you send. If your goal is to engage your audience further, and move them along your pipeline, then it’s imperative to give them an action they can take!

Many email readers, in reality, are email scanners, and calls-to-action should jump out and be very clear. They can be designed as eye-catching sidebars that allow your audience to skip the main text of your email and still engage with you, or inserted within the body of the email for those who are reading it.


5) Don’t Assume Anything

While brevity is important in your marketing emails, so is re-introducing who your company is. Craft your email with the assumption that your reader might not remember your business or why they are receiving your emails.

Use the opening lines of your email to re-introduce yourself, re-establish your connection and explain how the email is relevant to your reader. This can also be accomplished through a link to your website, which will allow you to more quickly jump into the heart of the email.


Stay active with your email marketing campaigns and employ these tips to nurture your contacts into eventual customers.


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