Squarespace Balances Simplicity And Functionality

Squarespace owns its place as a premier choice for the mid-tier website platforms. It’s not too complex and does not require programming skills, but it does offer additional layers of functionality for business use including calendars, ecommerce, and forms development.

Squarespace strikes the right balance between simplicity and functionality, template-based ease and customizability.

As such, Squarespace web design is an ideal solution for small business owners and nonprofit leaders who want a website that does service to their brand without prior experience or extensive technical skills.

The user-friendly Squarespace interface guides you through to a publishable site, and helps you manage ongoing updates.

Here are a few more items that make designing websites with Squarespace so popular:

5 Reasons Squarespace Web Design is Great for Businesses & Nonprofits

1) Ease Of Use

Website design with Squarespace is based on pre-designed templates that provide fields to place your content. Your logo, images, and videos are “drag-and-dropped” into place, and your text is pasted into preloaded fields.

It’s easy to move items around and try different layouts within the template. If you are looking to customize, it’s also possible to add computer code that will change the template.

Squarespace gives you the option to make your website’s design as simple or as tailored as you want.


2) SEO Coverage

Squarespace builds in a host of search engine optimization elements to give you a solid foundation for setting up your SEO, increasing your potential of ranking high on internet searches related to your field, products, or mission.

All Squarespace templates give you the opportunity to strategically write in relevant search terms that will help you get found. Keywords can be placed in text blocks, page descriptions, image descriptions, file names, meta tags, and page titles.

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Squarespace websites are also completely mobile compatible and responsive to the device being used to view them. Google favors websites that incorporate this technology. That means increased relevancy to people searching on mobile devices.


3) It’s Affordable

Squarespace currently (April 2017 – prices are subject to change) offers different monthly plans ranging in price from $12 per month to $40 per month. Here is a breakdown of the packages:


  • $12 per month gets you 20 web pages, mobile responsiveness, analytics, customer support and a 3 percent transaction fee on all online sales.
  • $28 per month gets you an unlimited number of pages, mobile responsiveness, analytics, customer support, a 2 percent transaction fee on all online sales and a professional email account.
  • $26 per month gets you everything in the other two plans, except there is no transaction fee on goods sold and there is integrated accounting software available.
  • $40 per month is Squarespace’s premium business plan that adds check-out services on your domain, rather than a redirect to a Squarespace store, shipping service integration, and abandoned checkout autorecovery where you can automatically send reminders to customers who add products to their cart and leave without purchasing.

4) Reliability

Squarespace templates are developed in-house, which means they are all tested, supported, and updated regularly.

With open-source website builders that offer templates designed by outside developers, you risk choosing a template that will be abandoned and no longer updated or supported.

The mobile responsiveness of Squarespace templates is not only critical for SEO purposes, as mentioned above, it’s also a key element of reliability – in the sense that you can rely on your site to display beautifully and glitch-free on all devices.


5) Support

Help from Squarespace employees is available 24/7, and a ticket-based system ensures your question or issue is being tracked and will be resolved. Many issues can be resolved, however, by searching Squarespace’s comprehensive guides that cover a multitude of design how-to’s and technical explanations.

We are impressed with Squarespace as a platform for all of the reasons listed and because Squarespace is constantly improving!

If you choose Squarespace for web design, you’ll be supported and led through an intuitive path to effective web publishing.


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