Do you know what your sphere of influence is? The term sphere of influence refers to the network of people who look to your brand and your business for answers and solutions.


Knowing who is in your sphere and the valuable role they play allows you to utilize your network to engage with more customers, and hopefully bring them into your sphere.


Capitalizing on your sphere of influence involves finding out who they are, and then engaging and helping them with the right content.

Why Is Influence Important?

Influence has the ability to generate change. It impacts people’s actions, beliefs, and choices. In marketing, influence can boost the number of people that hear your message and seriously consider it.

As your influence grows in the marketplace, so does your reputation and word-of-mouth advertising on your behalf. That, in turn, increases your value in the marketplace and boosts your visibility and credibility, which adds up to more business for you and your company.

So, how do you engage your sphere of influence?

Identifying Your Sphere Of Influence

Who is currently in your sphere of influence? There are a few ways to figure this out.

One is to look to your current customers. Who are they? What challenges were they facing that brought them to you? Did they find you through social media, word-of-mouth, a search on Google?

Next look to your buyer personas – these are the groups of people you have identified that may be searching or in need of your services or product. Some businesses may have just one buyer persona, others will have several.

If you haven’t yet created buyer personas, now is the time! It is an exercise that will help you identify what you should be talking about, and where you should be spending your marketing dollars.

A comprehensive look at your past and current customers, combined with robust buyer personas is a great start to identifying your sphere of influence.

Engaging Your Sphere Of Influence

The most effective way to engage your sphere is through helpful and engaging content marketing and sharing it where they are most likely to see it. This includes social media, social advertising, and email marketing.

Everything you share and market to your sphere of influence should be helpful and guide them along their journey as a customer and also keep them looking to you as a source of valid and helpful information.

For instance, take a Realtor who has identified his or her sphere of influence as empty-nesters and those ready to downsize.

Engaging that sphere of influence could be done with the following content:

  • An email highlighting recently sold large properties in the area. The target audience would now have great information about what they could potentially get for their larger house when they are ready to downsize.
  • A blog about the pros and cons of condo living. Many looking to downsize to a more low-maintenance dwelling may be considering condominiums as an option.
  • An Instagram story with photos of smaller sized homes that are on the market – everyone loves to look at photos of great properties – and if they are curated to a certain audience, the chance for engagement is even greater.
  • An infographic with a timeline for those thinking about selling and moving to someplace smaller.

Any and all of these are helpful and engaging for the identified target audience.

Sharing information and knowledge like this will encourage people who are interested in this information to follow the Realtor by liking them on social media, reading new blog posts, and recommending them to others that are in the same target audience.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you can probably identify your sphere of influence easily. Take some time to write down who they are, what they would find helpful, and then gear your content towards providing knowledgeable advice and solutions.

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