Social media has changed significantly in the past year, from Facebook’s algorithm change to the increased popularity of TikTok. Here’s what trends are continuing into the new year and where we think social media is heading in 2020.


Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

Engaging Video

Video has been a key player on social media, and it will continue to be in the new year. In fact, 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain their spend on social video content.

This medium can be attention-grabbing as it auto plays in users’ newsfeeds and can convey information in a more interesting format than a traditional text ad. It’s important to thoughtfully create your videos though because you need to grab your audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds.

You can capture attention through:

  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Useful information
  • Entertaining content
  • Subtitles for users who are hearing impaired or watch on mute
  • Music or sound
  • Create a personal connection by showcasing people

Meaningful And Authentic Content

Whether this is through user-generated and employee-generated content or live video, social media users want to engage with real people who trust and endorse your brand. This type of content is more genuine and trustworthy than a business saying you should use its product or service.

Influencer marketing is a popular way to produce authentic content, with the stipulation that you need to partner with influencers who really believe in your business. 59% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer budget in 2020. But with consumers becoming more aware and skeptical of ads, finding micro-influencers who engage with your target market can provide more benefits to your brand than hiring a big name with a wider net.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your social platforms, from Google Business to Facebook. This type of engagement provides genuine feedback for your potential customers to review and determine if your product or service is right for them before they purchase.

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Rise Of Stories

Stories across platforms will continue to rise in popularity as social users view it as a more authentic medium than a traditional post. On Instagram alone, the Stories feature has 500 million daily active users. The limited amount of time the posts can be seen has many benefits, allowing marketers to:

  • Develop time-sensitive content
  • Create exclusive deals and sales
  • Experiment with post language and graphics
  • Grow engagement with polls and questions
  • Test different video formats with audiences

Showcasing your brand through fun and unique content on social media stories can help create a dedicated community around your product.

Less Content With More Impact

Digital detox” is becoming a buzzword as consumers are becoming more aware of the addiction that can come with too much smartphone and social media use. 29% of users have deleted a social media app or account because they felt overloaded by it, while 27% of those polled deleted because of addiction and waste of time.


This trend is important to watch as it may indicate that businesses should reduce which platforms they are spending time on and focus their energy on 1-2 key platforms. Increasing the quality and reducing the frequency of posts can help you reach your audience more effectively, as they can see that you are reducing your time on social media as well.

Building communities will provide a more valuable resource with significantly more impact than asking people to follow your page. Gather the like-minded individuals who are fans of your product and industry to trade knowledge and interact with each other, as well as get to know your brand better.

In this new year and new decade, channel your social media marketing energy into providing valuable insight, content, and entertainment to your audience, rather than trying to sell them your product or service. This effort will pay off with brand awareness and meaningful engagement with your fans.


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