Social media has risen in the past decade to become one of the leading forms of digital marketing. Although social platforms provide endless possibilities for brand customization and advertising, you don’t want to be left behind when new trends take over a platform.

Stay ahead of the curve with a few current 2019 trends…

5 Social Media Trends in 2019

1. Authenticity


Social media is unlike other channels of marketing because it offers marketers the opportunity to engage with consumers in a more casual, “human” way.

As an organic means of communication, authenticity and transparency in social media marketing instills trust and loyalty in consumers. If consumers feel they are getting an accurate, genuine look at your organization, they are more likely to trust you, your brand, and your products or services.


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Original photos can help in this area. Although you always want a clean and professional online presence, social media allows for more casual expression. When your accounts only show perfectly edited and professionally designed posts, which already bombard users every day, it is harder to stand out among the competition. Showing more authentic looks into your organization by mixing in personal photos with professional graphics will differentiate you from your competition while showing customers who you are behind your brand. Doing so can increase trust, loyalty, and even sales.

2. Pay-To-Play


The most effective social media content is that which is seen by target audiences. Marketing only works when engaging the right crowds, so just throwing your content online and hoping it sticks is not your best strategy.

One of the most effective and direct means of connecting with specific audiences is paid promotions. With frequent algorithm changes and the vast amount of content shared daily, marketers can no longer rely solely on organic traffic.



For years marketers have utilized both paid and organic traffic, and social media paid promotions have proven to increase engagement and website traffic. No matter the size of your business, you can create a social media promotion plan that fits any budget.

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3. Customer Service


Perhaps a surprising benefit of social media marketing, customer service via social platforms is more convenient and accessible for consumers and marketers than traditional methods; 54% of customers actually prefer to contact customer service via social media rather than phone or email.

It’s easy to see why consumers prefer contacting a brand through social media- no one likes to wait on hold for a support number or send endless back-and-forth emails trying to explain an issue. Instead, users turn to social media where they can conveniently message brands directly with questions or concerns.

Responsiveness has become one of the most important aspects of a business’ customer service. At the very least, 50% of consumers expect a response within a week, but 32% expect one within 30 minutes, and 42% within 60 minutes! That means that waiting even more than an hour to respond to an issue could lose you a customer.

Thankfully, the convenience of Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger have made it so customer issues can be resolved within minutes.

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4. Chat Bots


Hearing the high expectations of consumers for responsiveness can be a bit intimidating, especially for small businesses with minimal customer service resources. There are many free and affordable automated online tools to make this process simpler and more convenient for your and your customers.

Chatbot are quickly becoming a necessity for some marketers. Many brands now have a chatbot on their main website, and the intrigue continues to grow as 80% of brands hope to incorporate chatbots by 2020.

Though this is now a common occurrence for websites, chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct messaging are also rising in popularity; in 2018 there were around 300,000 active Facebook chatbots.




Chatbots greatly simplify keeping up with all the customer service tickets you may receive through social media; now you can organize and prioritize messages to guide customers through simple questions and connect them to further information for more complicated questions.

Visit the Facebook Messenger blog for a tutorial on creating a customer chatbot.

5. Social Listening


To take customer satisfaction to the next level, social listening helps you get ahead of trends and customer needs by tracking specific keywords and all mentions of your brand.

When you check your notifications and engage with users directly reaching out to your brand, you might only be engaging with a certain percentage of online users talking about your business. Instead, by going beyond mentions and tags you will find talk of your brand and industry from users you might otherwise never encounter.

Searching for your company’s name or specific keywords related to your business or industry helps you stay ahead of any issues or trends that may arise. You will know more about your market share as well as how your competitors are engaging audiences on social media.

Social listening gives you a more holistic view of your industry and your place in the market by staying ahead of what’s to come.

Social media is an essential marketing tool for both B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes. The freedom and simplicity of social media marketing allows for all types of brands to express a unique identity and discover new ways of engaging audiences. Some trends may be more appropriate and effective in other markets, so experiment with your strategy and find tricks and trends that work to bring you closer to achieving your specific goals.

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