Hashtagging, Targeting And Content Distribution Will Power Your Launch


There are endless tasks to complete to launch a new business. For some, like financial planning and regulation compliance, social media doesn’t have much to offer.

BUT, if you want the most far-reaching, impactful launch, employing the strengths of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter et. al. is essential. Social media’s ability to allow you to reach your target customers and attract a foundational following that can sustain your business into the future is unmatched.

Plan for the best launch by following these guidelines for using social media for business success.

Pe Prepared

Before you can leverage social media to launch a new business, you need to be proud of what you will be posting. That means building out your website with compelling imagery, videos and writing, and starting a blog around your company and industry issues.

Each time you create new content, consider how you will be distributing it on social media platforms.


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For Instagram posting, you’ll want to have blog posts with eye-catching imagery that can be enhanced with Instagram’s filters – or used to create memes using third party apps like MeMatic.

For Facebook, consider creating content that speaks to a targeted subset of your potential customers.

Once your Facebook page is up and running, you can build targeted Facebook ads to match the targeted content, tailoring specific messages to a particular segment of potential customers.

Your website’s pages and blog posts will pull potential customers from social channels to your business site, as well as be their first landing spot with your company.


Know Your Platform


Understanding each social medium’s strengths and how they relate to your business will ensure your launch is well received in each platform. If your business is especially visual – working in the fields of dining, recreation or tourism, for example – Instagram will be your most effective social tool. If you are entering a business-to-business industry, LinkedIn will be a good place to focus your initial efforts.

LinkedIn is populated with professionals of all stripes and industries. It’s likely that the decision-makers in your field, as well as valuable contacts in complementary industries, have active LinkedIn profiles.

An effective launch of a B2B business should include a reach-out to these people. This can best be achieved by joining the conversations happening on LinkedIn and adding your business to the LinkedIn trade groups where it is most relevant.

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Facebook’s strength is its reach, with 1.5 billion active users. Your customers are likely using it, and the launch of your business will be incomplete without tapping into it.

Another great way to use social media to launch a new business is to research the popular hashtags of your industry and location, and tag your posts with them. Robust conversations have flourished on both Twitter and Instagram around particular hashtags. Use them to get noticed among industry peers and potential customers, then hone in on the ones that are most relevant for ongoing engagement.

Understanding hashtag best practices will ensure a strong social media start for your new business.

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