How You Can Improve Your Inbound Marketing With Social Media


Inbound marketing – the art of offering valuable, helpful material to prospects as a way to attract them into eventual customers – predates social media, but it’s hard to imagine a more perfect complement to an inbound marketing strategy.

Social media is where potential customers are. It’s where they are talking about products and services in your industry. It’s where you can listen and join those conversations.

It’s also a searchable ecosystem that can be analyzed for actionable data.

If you are starting an inbound marketing campaign, it pays to think ahead about how you will use social media to amplify your content and increase your reach.

5 ways to use social media for inbound marketing success

Here are five ways to use social media for inbound marketing campaigns:


1) Listen, Learn

Conversations are constant on social media, and it may seem overwhelming to determine how or where to tune in. Fortunately – and this is especially true for Instagram and Twitter – social media denizens categorize conversations using hashtags. This is a good place to start in order to be a part of conversations relevant to your business.

Let’s say you run a gardening products store, and you are interested in what gardeners are talking about this spring. Hashtags like #gardening or #greenthumb are worth monitoring.

Once you find the social media accounts that are most active regarding your subject, you are likely to discover even more hashtags that are used among industry influencers. Some hashtags come and go quickly, while others you can always return to. Note: Always research a new hashtag before using it!


2) Turn It To Gold


Content that prospects find authentically helpful is the backbone of an inbound marketing campaign.

You will find, the more you tune into industry-related topics on social media, the more helpful you can be to your potential customers. Social media conversations are a terrific idea-generation engine for content that potential customers will find valuable.

Let the conversations you follow guide you in creating valuable content.


3) Follow Up Your Posts


If you’ve created awesome inbound content and posted it to social media channels, conversations will ensue around your posts. This is what you want. The conversations that follow your posts are a renewed opportunity to engage with potential customers, and to gain their trust.

Later, when they are researching solutions in your field, they will think of you.


4) Mix It Up

A new blog isn’t the only way to engage with people on social media and attract new visitors to your website. Take a look at the content on your website and determine if it makes sense to share or link to a resource or services page. This sort of content is valuable and helpful as well.

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A landing page is another piece of content that is worth a share. Landing pages are a way to offer gated content to site visitors such as a pdf, download, ebook, etc. They are a more targeted place to direct web traffic than your homepage but can be a great way to attract a customer who is looking for specific content.

Post links to these landing pages on your social media platforms with an enticing description of what you have to offer and monitor how this plays with your audience.

5) Social Motivation

If you have been successful engaging people on social media, your business has a big audience over multiple platforms. That is awesome! It’s also daunting.

That audience is in place and has opted in to see what you have to say. Now is not the time for your content productivity to taper.

Consistency is a cornerstone of inbound marketing.

To remain prolific, we recommend creating a social media calendar. This will help you plan out ideas in advance so you have a strategy behind your social media activity and will be less likely to slow down or become inactive.


Social media is an indispensable tool that will boost your inbound marketing efforts if done correctly. Start with these five tips as your guide and share the valuable content you have to offer!

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