Social Media Is Free … Except When It Isn’t.


One of the main reasons Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are so popular is because they are free to use. But there is a premium to pay for businesses looking to increase their exposure on these platforms.

Any social media strategy that identifies as one of its goals to attract more website visitors and convert more visitors to business leads is going to include paid advertising.

Here are the key elements to a successful paid social media campaign.

Spell Out Your Goals And Budget

Your social media ad strategy should include defined goals and a clear budget.

How many site visitors do you want to convert into leads this month? How many new email newsletter subscribers do you want by year’s end?

Setting measurable goals with defined timeframes is the only way to accurately track results.

The other part of the equation, if you want to calculate the return on your investment, is how much you are willing to spend.

On social media, your money will be used on boosted posts and advertisements that will put your message in front of a wider audience. Set your social media advertising budget before you begin.

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Time It Right

Getting the most out of your budget for social media advertising means playing to your business’s annual cycles, special events and seasonal strengths. It also may mean considering cash flow fluctuations.

Capitalize on events your business is involved in with a timely paid boost. Create a traditional social media ad campaign that coincides with your busy season. Or, craft an ad around a project your business has completed that you are particularly proud of.


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Paid amplification is a powerful complement to organic social media posts. It also ads a level of real-time engagement tracking that is unavailable for the typical post.



A comprehensive social media strategy has at its core a piece of content that you are offering from your website that will enable you to convert new visitors into leads. This content is often a FAQ sheet, webinar, e-book or research paper – something that provides value to potential customers and establishes you as an authentic source of expertise in your field.

Your offer will entice visitors to provide their contact information for you to continue the sales process.

Your content offer also seeds your social media campaign by allowing you to create postable content around it. For example, write a series of blogs to explain why your offer is useful. Then craft social media posts to distribute each blog.


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Let’s say one of your posts gains particular organic traction and engagement. That’s an indication that it is a prime candidate to share with a wider audience through a paid boost or traditional social ad campaign.

Stretching your social media ad dollar furthest requires compelling content, smart timing, and authentic underlying content.

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