You Don’t Have To Go It Alone!

Committing your business to an inbound marketing campaign is a long-term program that will continually test the skills of your marketing team. That said, it is an effective and proven method to connect with your target audience and convert them into loyal customers!

Before getting started with an inbound program, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re prepared so that your efforts will have the greatest return on investment.

Questions to ask yourself and your team before jumping in:

  • Do you have a firm grasp of the inbound methodology and an ability to convey that to your team?
  • Do you have the capacity to pump out high-quality content that is timely and enlightening to your prospects?
  • Is your team skilled at social media audience cultivation and engagement?
  • Can you produce the kind of content offers that convert casual website visitors into quality leads?

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. There are some very educational free resources to get an inbound marketing campaign started and guide you throughout implementation.

The Best Online Resources for Inbound Marketing

Learning The Basics

Hubspot is the standard-bearer of online inbound marketing, and they thrive on bringing more marketers into the fold as inbound practitioners. As such, their website, blog and some of their free content offers comprise a fantastic starting point for inbound understanding.

Check out this page for a primer on the inbound methodology. And consider downloading this inbound marketing course syllabus from the Hubspot Academy of inbound marketing.


Buyer Persona Templates

Before you launch your campaign, you will need a detailed description of who your content is aiming to help. This “buyer persona” will characterize your business’ existing and prospective customers, including demographic data and career information as well as personal goals and challenges.

Buyer personas can be based on research you have done about your existing customers and the questions your business gets from prospects.

There are a handful of resources that will help you do a thorough job with your buyer personas. Hubspot shines again with this guide. A more concise non-Hubspot version is offered here.


Blog Editorial Calendar

As you ramp up your inbound campaign, your blog production will accelerate. You’ll need a steady stream of blog posts that are relevant and valuable to prospective customers.

This will test your knowledge of your industry and its current issues as well as what you know about your business and its customers.

A blog editorial calendar helps you organize blog topic ideas, attach keywords to them to improve their search engine rankings, tie-in the appropriate buyer persona, and identify the underlying content offer your blog is promoting.

You can create your own editorial calendar using free spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Or download our template with pre-populated fields that, once completed, will help keep your blogging on pace.

Social Media Scheduling Template

Now that you’ve started an inbound marketing campaign, get ready to do more social media posting than ever before. You’ll be creating great content through your inbound marketing campaign, and social media pages are the perfect distribution channels to expand your audience.

But your social posting can’t thrive solely on your inbound marketing content. Posts about a wide variety of industry topics and other aspects of your products and services will keep your profile pages active.

I highly recommend scheduling out your posts with a social media calendar. These posting planners will give you a method to your social media madness, providing a reliable well of social media posting topics and avoiding last-minute scrambles.


Follow The Leaders

You already know about Hubspot’s expertise in the field of inbound marketing. Following their blog is a great way to stay up to speed. Other leading websites, blogs, and forums are:


Rely on these online resources for inbound marketing to help you launch your campaign, and continue to refer to them to ensure your success.


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