Recognizing The Helpers


If you’re in need of help, these amazing Vermont businesses and organizations are offering their services straight through the COVID-19 quarantine. The pandemic comes with it, job scarcity, food insecurity, and a variety of variables, these organizations are offering help to communities most impacted by the uncertainty.


Sugarsnap Catering is making a commitment to its Vermont community by providing meals to Burlington’s COTS Daystation. Due to COVID-19, the regular staff that prepares meals in this safe haven are staying home to avoid infection. Sugarsnap is stepping up and preparing meals from their isolated kitchen. Thanks to this initiative, more people in the Burlington, VT area will have access to nutritious, low cost meals.

Mark BBQ

Heart and Soul by Mark BBQ is offering to support those in their community with food insecurity, giving away meals for those who are most affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns. Mark BBQ hopes to be a catalyst and inspire other businesses to set up similar programs to help feed the families impacted by school shutdowns and loss of work.

King Arthur Flour

Under normal circumstances, King Arthur Flour Bakery routinely visits schools and lectures on the science of bread making. This course was created to introduce young students to STEM subjects and it has normal success engaging students in the program. In response to school closures, King Arthur Flour posted a nearly identical virtual class on their Facebook page to continue teaching kids how to bake breads, pitas, etc.

Williston Police Department

The Williston Police Department is extending their support to parents with small children stuck at home (“Or adults that like to color”) amid the quarantine. On their Facebook page, the WPD shared images of their squad vehicles edited to be coloring pages.

Joann Fabric

Joann Fabric is employing the creativity of its customers to support healthcare workers with facemasks to protect them from COVID-19. The company recently posted a video on their Youtube channel demonstrating how a facemask (albeit not nearly medical-grade) could be made from supplies found at a Joann Fabric location. The company took it a step further and pledged to donate any facemask, made and returned back to one of their locations, to a hospital or first responder.

State Of Vermont Department Of Public Service

The state of Vermont is actively compiling an interactive map with information regarding public internet connectivity. With the sudden transition to remote working, the PSD is hoping to make fast internet connection widely available. The PSD advises however, you access these networks from a vehicle to practice social distancing and avoid congregating in large numbers.

Next Door Helper

Next Door Helper is a new service that provides paying positions for people willing to assist homebound citizens that may be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Their website allows users to register to “get help” or “help your neighbor.” No direct contact is made between the helper or helpee, nor cash exchanged, all payments are made electronically, which reduces the spread of germs.

Humane Society Of Chittenden County

Even through these confusing times, there has been a constant and mutual stream of support between the Humane Society of Chittenden County and animal lovers throughout the community. All animals that were being sheltered have been paired with foster parents, and the Humane Society’s location will still have pet supplies free of charge, now located outside, granted patrons adhere to the social distancing protocol of six feet.

Feeding Chittenden

Feeding Chittenden is making a commitment to the health of all its stakeholders by reducing the contact between volunteers, staff, and the community. To help eliminate the spread of COVID-19, Feeding Chittenden is no longer providing hot meals inside. They are now offering prepared meal & grocery pickup, and delivery with help from the Homebound Grocery Delivery Program.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott

With the number of COVID-19 cases in Vermont growing, the state has pledged to provide childcare services as needed for “essential persons.” Vermont Governor Phil Scott defined an “essential person” as one whose job function directly fights the spread of COVID-19. His press release, published on March 17th, outlined what essential functions are.

  • Health Care Providers
  • Criminal justice personnel
  • Public Health employees
  • Firefighters
  • Vermont National Guard
  • Staff & providers of childcare

Healthy Living Market & Cafe

Healthy Living Market & Cafe is a trusted and well known grocery store in South Burlington, VT and continues to supply Chittenden County through this crisis. The organization is pushing for its customers to take advantage of their grocery delivery service, to avoid large congregations of people. Their website allows you to select anything they have in the store and get it delivered to your doorstep, or arrange to pick it up on the curb.

Small Local Business

The services above are life-saving if you need them, but if you’re fortunate enough to be self-sufficient, you can still show your support to local businesses that may be struggling to make ends meet.

Many small businesses are taking on a similar strategy to continue making a profit during this time of uncertainty. Of course, your personal health always comes first, and you should never leave the house if you’re feeling symptoms unless it’s to go to seek further medical help. However if you feel healthy and have the capacity to support local business, keep your eye on social media and be cognizant of the importance of your business.

Vermont Online Concerts

Social distancing, and the timing of COVID-19 in the United States, means many early-spring concerts & festivals have been postponed or cancelled. Although, many artists pledging to continue their tours by livestreaming their performances. Seven days compiled a sort of directory to local Vermont artists braving the online-concert frontier.


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