And How To Fix It

Inbound marketing is time intensive, so it’s frustrating if you are not getting the desired results.

To understand where your campaign is coming up short, you have to know what you are trying to achieve.

In fact, one of the common failure points for inbound marketers is a lack of clear, defined goals. We’ll explain this and other primary reasons inbound campaigns fail in this blog.

3 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Failed

1) Nonexistent Goals

If you are ramping up your content creation and putting your posts out there on social media without understanding the underlying goals of your campaign, you are spinning your wheels without a good chance of a significant return on investment.

A good inbound marketing goal is measurable, attainable, and finite. You have to know what you are trying to achieve, as well as your timeline for achievement.

Get Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Back On Track

Set specific percentage increase numbers as your goals. For example, you would like to increase website traffic, or lead conversions, or revenue by a certain amount.

As long as you keep your goal numbers reasonable and set a finite time to measure success, then your inbound campaign will have the underlying direction it needs to succeed.


2) You Didn’t Invest The Resources

One good way to ensure a failed campaign is to underestimate the manpower required to consistently produce and distribute great content that is valuable to your prospects, and to analyze the response.

A half-hearted investment in inbound marketing may pass in the short run, but without talented people working on it every day, your campaign will lose steam over time.

Make sure your team has all the bases covered and that everyone is on board for the long haul before you launch the campaign.


3) You Didn’t Define Your Target Audience

Without detailed buyer personas, your content will not only risk being irrelevant and lacking value, but generating topics will become an increasingly difficult chore over time.

The idea that your content is educational to your prospects is a central tenet of inbound marketing. How can you create content that helps prospects without knowing as much as possible about who they are and what they are looking for?

A detailed buyer persona is a wellspring of ideas and inspiration. Hone your personas until they clearly define your ideal customer, and rely on them throughout your inbound campaign.

If you have had an inbound marketing campaign fail, an earnest re-evaluation and recommitment can get it back on track. By setting realistic goals, devoting the proper resources, and defining your target audience, you will set your campaign back on the right foot.


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