Proper Marketing Takes A Certain Amount Of Expertise – And With These Marketing Tips For Realtors, You’ll Be Ready To Run A Campaign Throughout 2017.

We’ve compiled a list of our top marketing blogs for so you can access our Realtor Resources for 2017 all in one place!


1) What Realtors Need To Know About Digital Marketing in 2017

If there’s one blog for realtor marketing that’s more important than any other, it’s this one. Here, we discuss the key aspects of digital marketing, including why it’s likely to provide better returns than anything else and how elements like local, mobile, and targeted marketing should factor into your plans.


2) Four Ways to use Email to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

Email is a fantastic way to advertise to interested buyers and sellers, and this article focuses on the kinds of emails you can send to each demographic you’re targeting. You see, there’s a lot more to email than just sending a few messages every now and then – the best returns come when you segment your audience into different groups and target each of those groups with the right messages.


3) Five Evergreen Topics for Realtor Blogging

Blogging is a great way to attract visitors to your website and get the email addresses you’ll need for future marketing efforts – but not every blog topic is created equal. An evergreen blog is one that’s going to be timely and relevant for years to come, and these are the blog posts that will bring in the majority of your traffic.

In this post, we go over five topics that are always worthwhile. If you haven’t started a blog yet, these topics will help you begin on the right foot – and even if you already have a blog, they’re relevant enough to be worth writing about.

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4) 3 Marketing Tools for Realtors in 2017

At a certain point in the growth of your company, you’re no longer able to do everything by yourself – and a little further on, even having an employee dedicated to marketing won’t be enough. That’s why this part of our marketing tips for realtors focuses on the tools you can use to edit graphics, show your properties to the world, and measure the success of your email marketing.

Together, these tools will help you make the most of the time you spend on marketing and maximize the return on your investment!

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