Implementing Professional Services Web Design Isn’t Quite Like Building Any Other Kind Of Website.

The basics are the same, yes, but you’re selling to a different audience than most websites are.

In particular, your marketing strategy is often to educate your audience about what you do and how your services can help them, rather than selling them a specific product. Here are the six things to focus on to make sure your message is clear and will resonate with potential customers.

1) A Strong and Clear Homepage

What do you actually do? Whom do you serve? How do you actually help them? Where are you located, and how far-reaching are your services?

Nobody should ever have to guess the answers to these kinds of questions. If they don’t understand this from your homepage, chances are they’re not going to stick around for very long.

2) A Robust About Page

Professional services in particular need to have a good About page, since that’s often where visitors go if they think you might be able to help them. Here, you’ll want to discuss things like how long you’ve been in the business, what your background is, who’s on your team, and what licenses or certifications you have.

In other words, this page should help convince people that you are an expert in your field, that you’ve successfully helped other people in the past, and that they can trust you to get the job done. It’s also a good idea to get a little deeper and share some personal information so people can make a connection with you. Hobbies, pets, volunteer work, and photos are all elements that you can include.

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Professional Services Web Design Tips

3) Portfolios

Examples of how you have helped other similar customers are very powerful!

Pay careful attention to your buyer personas here – ideally, your portfolio will have examples that match your audience as closely as possible. Once you know who you’re targeting, you can pick and choose from your past works to make the perfect portfolio.

Be sure to ask your customers for permission before doing this, though – even if you make things anonymous, it’s polite to ask and saves you from awkward conversations if they ever stumble across it in the future. Most customers are happy to have their names and businesses included, and linking to them can add to their website traffic.

4) References and Quotes

If you have happy customers, ask them for quotes and include these on your website. You can link these quotes to case studies about what you did for that customer, too, for any visitors who want more information about it.

Be sure to ask for specifics here – quotes about things like how you saved your customer time or money, how easy you are to work with, what makes you better than the rest – these are all great selling points and mean a lot when they come from real customers.

5) A Blog

Yes, a blog is also part of good professional services web design. Blogs give you the opportunity to write about what you know, share tips and expertise with your audience, and establish yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your field. Be sure to use long tail keywords so people can find your blogs through search engines.

Stay true to your personal voice so people know what they’re getting – what people read on your blog should sound a lot like what they’ll hear in your office.

If you have trouble with this, try using a speech-to-test program so that your blogs literally read the way you talk. It’s okay to bring some personality into your blog – people like to feel a human connection, and you can use a call to action afterwards to move them through your sales pipeline.

6) Contact Information

Good professional services web design includes simple, easy, and obvious ways to contact you. Many companies prefer to have this information in the upper right corner of the page, but it can also be splashed onto the main part of your homepage and contained on its own button in your navigation tab.

The key point here is that people should never find it hard to contact you once they’ve decided to do so.

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If you’re missing Including these elements in your professional service web design, try working them in. There is no need to overhaul your entire site, many of the elements can be done by making a few adjustments.

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