Acquire New Leads With A Great Reputation

There are a variety of ways for small businesses to acquire new leads. This can include anything from advertising to professional service SEO to free trials or samples.

However, one of the more effective ways that you can get yourself out there is to use the power of customer feedback.

Reputation truly is everything, and this is no exception when it comes to marketing Professional Services.

This focus on reputation has become even more important now that platforms such as Yelp! and Google reviews have come into the fold, allowing potential customers to decide how they’ll spend their money with just a couple of taps on a screen.

You’ll really only get one chance to make your sales pitch, and to have that pitch augmented by a solid collection of user reviews will make it that much more likely for new customers to flock to your service or product.

In this post, we’re going to take a look into the power of the testimonial and see how you can use it to build your business.

Testimonials will help build trust.

A clever sales pitch often isn’t enough. If a potential customer sees just how great that service or product was for someone else, they’ll be much more likely to get it for themselves.

Testimonials Aren’t Too Pushy.

A sales pitch–even one that’s on the softer side–can often turn potential customers off from what you’re trying to sell.

A good way to counter this lack of interest is to bring in testimonials. Since these accounts aren’t written in a salesy kind of tone, customers will consider them more genuine and relatable.

Testimonials Help Avoid Skepticism.

Another great thing about testimonials is that they can help convince even the most obstinate of leads that the service or product you’re offering is really worth it.

A testimonial helps to show that what you’re selling has made a real difference for a current customer–and can do the same for a new lead.

Now that we’ve gotten a handle on the value of a good testimonial, we’re going to take a look at how to select the right testimonials for your service or product.

This is very important to do because not all testimonials are created equal.

Pick a testimonial that’s credible

A testimonial is not just about the quote that you’ve gotten from the customer.

It also has a lot to do with the relatability of the person.

If visitors to your site see a first and last name of each customer as well as a business location they’ll be far more likely to trust what this customer has to say.

Another way to augment this is to add a photo as well. If visitors are able to put a face to a name in the testimonial, they’ll be even likelier to buy what you’re selling.

By far the most potent way of presenting the testimonial, though, is to use audio or video. This gives your visitor a direct connection to the customer.

highlight the benefits of what you’re selling

It’s very important that the customers in your professional service testimonials speak to the look and feel of your product.

This clues new leads into what they can expect to find once they make their purchase. But it’s just as important, if not more so, for the actual benefits of your product to be highlighted.

People want to know that the product they’re buying can get the job done, and this is where an effective testimonial will come into play.

Look for a testimonial that’s relatable

A solid testimonial is essential, but it’s just as important that the testimonial come from someone who is in the demographic of new potential customers. 

Use a testimonial from a customer that matches the prospects you are looking to attract. If your testimonial is outdated, or relates to a service you no longer provide, it won’t benefit your sales pipeline.

Consider a testimonial that’s specific and speaks to the benefits you offer

It can help to use testimonials that touch on how great your product is or how prompt your service was, but this is really only skin deep.

If your customer can point out specifically how your service or product benefitted their business or organization, you’ll be much more likely to secure future sales.  Ask your customers to use metrics and profits when applicable.

Pick one that makes good on your claims

Big claims may be impressive, but they won’t matter if they can’t be backed up with facts and personal experiences.

This is the time to point out how much customers saved when they went with your service, how much time your professional services saved themhow their problems were solved by choosing your services.

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You’ve Built a Good Reputation – Use It!

There are many ways to secure new professional services leads and build your business. Advertising, inbound marketing, and offering up something for free are amongst the most successful marketing tools.

By far the most potent of them all is to let your reputation do the work for you.

Considering just how interconnected the world has become, now is the perfect time to use online professional service testimonials to enhance your sales. Just as not all products are created equal, not all testimonials will do the job for you either.

You’ll have to consider things like relatability, specifics, professional service SEO, and demographics, among many other things.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it should set you well on your way toward uncovering new professional services leads.

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