Why Realtor Reviews Are Important

Ninety-nine percent of millennials start their home search with online research, and 45% of mortgages in the US will belong to millennials in 2019.

With such a huge group of buyers using the internet to guide their home buying experience, your online reputation is vital. One of the most trusted sources of information for consumers is online reviews. Eighty-eight percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews, and most brands have online reviews whether or not they’re aware.

If you aren’t tracking your online reviews, you can’t utilize this resource to promote your services and increase sales. Below are a few best practices to use this free resource to your advantage.

Best Realtor Review Channels

To start using reviews, you have to know where reviewers are going. Many small businesses are recognizing the value of reviews, and while Facebook and Google are also great channels for Realtors, there are different channels that are used most often for realty that need to be on your radar.


As one of the most popular online resources for buying and selling property, Zillow is a go-to for people looking for information on a Realtor. Unlike many other online review sites, Zillow monitors all reviews before posting. This can be a huge relief to Realtors as they do not have to worry about removing spam or inappropriate comments.

Zillow has a list of Review Guidelines with specific rules and requirements for posting a review.

You can also respond to reviews on Zillow, which is a key component of utilizing reviews. Responding to every review will signal to potential customers that you are dedicated to providing timely and genuine customer service. See here for more info on how to respond to reviews on Zillow.


Beyond simply collecting and posting user reviews, Realtor.com allows you to also request that a client leave a review. We will go over why asking for a review can be very important further down.

This handy tool makes requesting reviews easy as it can be done right from your Realtor.com profile. You can also include a personalized message with each request. Taking advantage of any opportunity to personalize a correspondence with a client will emphasize your commitment to quality customer service.

Small gestures like this can be what make or break a review, and could encourage clients to recommend your services to other prospects.


Recently acquired by Zillow, Trulia also offers review options for buyers and sellers. While the features are not much different from other reviews sites, it is still a popular source for Realtor reviews.

Encouraging Client Reviews

Request Reviews

To benefit from reviews, you must get reviews. While asking for a review might seem rude or “awkward,” it is actually one of the best ways to bring in more reviews. In fact, about 69% of recent sellers said they would happily write a review if an agent requested.

While working with a client, you can also mention the importance of online reviews to drop a hint, but don’t be afraid to politely request that clients check out any of your review platforms.

Your Website

One of the most important steps to getting reviews is making the process simple and painless. Because you are asking the reviewer for a favor, you don’t want to make the process any more inconvenient or difficult that necessary.

Online tools make filling out reviews easy. Including a page where clients can leave reviews on your site will simplify the process by keeping clients on the same site. You can also embed links to other platforms throughout your site to provide clients with abundant opportunities and options.


Asking for a review via email is one of the more ideal times to request a review. While a client may visit a review site in their spare time when the thought crosses their mind, asking for a review in an email creates a convenient opportunity to quickly leave a comment.

Most people check their emails many times per day. When they open their inbox, your email will be there waiting for when they have a chance to leave a review.

You can also choose to send out the email at an opportune time, catching your reader at the right step in the buying or selling process. Catering your emails to the specific needs and current state of a client will increase your chances of receiving a response.

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How To Use Review Content

How you advertise reviews is up to you. You can always choose to simply keep reviews on their home platforms for users to find organically, but sharing positive reviews will make the content much more impactful.


Displaying testimonials across your website is the simplest and most popular means of advertising your positive press. Reviews are a very diverse medium that can be formatted to fit any brand or style.

You might create a testimonial page where your best comments are collected and displayed for readers to scroll through. You can also sprinkle reviews throughout your site, including specific reviews on relevant pages to give more context to readers.

However you choose to display reviews, readers will appreciate the honest opinions of real clients and your transparency in sharing unfiltered opinions.

Social Media

Sharing reviews and user-generated content on social platforms creates the opportunity for more people to share the content. Creating shareable content is more impactful than content that only lives in one place as it will be seen by a much larger audience.

Depending on the platform, you can display your reviews in unique and creative ways for more engaging content. Images, gifs, and videos are more popular on visual sites like Instagram and Facebook, so don’t fear stepping outside the box for more creative review media.


As mentioned above, your reviews can be made into more much than plain text. Customizing your display to create uniquely branded and engaging content will encourage more users to read the content and will convey a stronger message.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to share creative content! Utilize stock images, online design applications, and other free tools to create unique and attractive content.

More small businesses are embracing the power of online reviews. By simply tracking what people are saying online, you can make those reviews work for you.

Just like any other brand, Realtors rely on a strong online reputation to attract and convert leads. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste, start your online realty marketing program today!

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