Elements To Empower Content Distribution


You are putting in the thought and hours to produce worthwhile blog content. Why not add the elements that will entice people to share it across social media platforms?

Optimizing your blog posts for social sharing will expand their reach, grow your audience, attract new visitors to your website, and cultivate leads.

Let’s cover key elements to prepare your blog for social media posts and other tips to boost social distribution:


Consistent Imagery

When posting your blog on social media, the post’s lead image will automatically display alongside the entry’s title. Just like you, social media companies want people to engage with your post, so they make it easy to adorn your post with prominent imagery.

You can choose the image you would like to display (as well as change or edit the title of your post). It’s best to align the featured image on your blog post with the image that will display on social media.


Aligning the featured image on your blog post page with your social post is a practice that holds true across all social media, solidifying the cohesiveness of your brand and the particular message of the blog.

Free Photography

You don’t need a professional photographer on staff to consistently distribute high-quality photography with your posts. Perhaps you’ve heard of stock photos? Well, have you heard of “Death to the Stock Photo”?

This online service is one of dozens that offer free access to lovely professional photos to enhance your blog posts and social media distribution.

Check out this rundown of stock photo sites that will help with optimizing blogs for social sharing.

Some free photo sites require logins, others have premium memberships that operate on a monthly subscription, others have attribution requirements. But many (Negative Space, for example) exist as a completely free service to bloggers and content creators.

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You may not always think “Pinterest” when you are considering posting your blog on social media. But Pinterest boasts 150 million users, and making your blog post easy to pin is a great way to get it in front of these users.

Images that play well on Pinterest are often simple text/background combinations that tell your story in a tidy package. Be selective with the font and write a concise and compelling message, then add your web address and logo to ensure your brand follows as your image gets pinned and repinned.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Make it easy for your audience to amplify your blog post by embedding social sharing buttons on the your webpages.

When your reader is inspired to share your post with their friends and contacts, a well-placed social sharing button saves them the time of copy-and-pasting your link into their profile page.

One click on the button and your post is tweeted, liked or shared. Different buttons have slightly different functions. For example, you can design a button with a preloaded tweet for a reader to share.

For Facebook, you can embed a “like” button that will reflect in your reader’s Facebook feed when clicked, or a share button that will give your reader an opportunity to comment on your post when sharing it on their Facebook page.

Sharing buttons to all social media can be stylized to complement your website.

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Titles And Meta Descriptions

Give careful consideration to how you title your blog posts and how you write the post’s meta description (that snippet of text that appears on search result pages to preview your blog’s content).

Make sure your titles and meta descriptions clearly reflect the blog’s content. This way, when a post is shared across various social media platforms, your descriptions will follow with it.


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