Outdated Information Can Creep Into A Website Unannounced.

As your business evolves, things like pricing, special packages, and event information listed on your website can silently become obsolete. Functionality issues like loading times and mobile responsiveness can also go awry without periodic check-ins.

Now is an optimal time to take a website inventory so you can charge into the latter part of the year confident that your business is putting its best foot forward online.

Here is our list of things to check in on to optimize your website for a strong finish to 2017.

Optimize Your Website for a Strong Finish to 2017

Mobile display: It’s critical that your website displays well across all devices. You can’t predict whether a visitor is using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone to navigate to your site – although, increasingly, it’s their phone. However they get there, make sure they are seeing what you want them to see with a responsive website.

Pull up your site on your phone and tablet, and search for any kinks. Site navigation, loading time, and functionality of forms are key areas to look at.

Image inventory: Do the images on your website still resonate with your audience? Have you acquired better imagery that can replace older photos? Replacing a photo on a website with a higher quality or more recent one is an easy update that can have a major impact.

How has your business evolved?: Your business has likely changed since you built, or last comprehensively updated, your site. Identify new initiatives or promotions that haven’t found a home on your site yet. Keep an eye out for new offers, new services, new package deals, and new promotions happening offline that could benefit from an online presence.

Having an up-to-the-minute website reassures customers who have contacted you over the phone or in person that what they’ve been told is accurate.

New staff: Job turnover is a fact of business life, and it’s important, if you have a robust staff page with individualized contact information, that your website keeps up. Take a look and make any appropriate updates or even ask current staff if they have a different photo or blurb they would prefer to use. Be sure to remove any staff members that have moved on!

New pricing, products, and services: Not all businesses list product prices online; those that do have an important mandate to remain up to date. In addition to prices, your company’s products and services may have new iterations that should be reflected on your site.

Consistent branding: Your brand’s social media activity has a daily rhythm to it; websites tend to be less nimble. With frequent social media engagement, your brand’s messaging can evolve.

Take a run through your company’s social media posts from the last three months. Are there new phrases, images, or calls-to-action that are resonating with your audience? Odds are they would also play well on your website. Also keep an eye out for subtle shifts in your messaging that are happening on social channels that don’t quite align with what’s happening on your website – and update it accordingly.

When was your last blog post? Your blog is a major component to your website and is part of the main navigation menu. You want someone to see a recent and awesome blog post when they click on it. We recommend using a blog editorial calendar to keep your blog fresh throughout the year.

Can you simplify/declutter: Can your website benefit from a little house cleaning? Evaluate all the elements for essentialness. Simplifying a website by removing extraneous or redundant elements is always a good play, and effective use of white space will enhance the power of the elements that remain.


It’s worth it to take the time to evaluate your website. A thorough inventory in the areas listed above will ensure your website is working optimally for a strong finish to 2017.


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