Social Media Has Created An Opportunity For Video Advertising For Businesses Of All Sizes.

Remember how it used to be? Ten years ago, if your company wanted to distribute a video ad, the options were limited to television. Most small businesses I know would never have considered creating an ad for TV.

The web first made it possible for businesses of all sizes to benefit from video storytelling by creating product and brand videos and putting them on their websites.

Now, social media provides a platform for all businesses to not just have videos on their sites, but to create video ads as part of an overall social media marketing strategy.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Video Ads for Mobile

With marketing ever trending mobile, here is how to get the most out of social media video ads by designing for mobile consumption.


Design A “Thumb-Stopper”

Mobile video design is quite the opposite of traditional video advertising designed for, say, a 30-second TV spot.

The most memorable TV ads use their full 30 seconds to build suspense and evoke emotions in a traditional story arc with a surprising reveal at the end. The most powerful place to brand the spot is often at the end, after the story arc has resolved.

The mobile social media environment is very different.

According to Facebook Blueprint – the series of courses for business use of Facebook and Instagram – mobile video viewing drops steeply after about 5 seconds. In this environment, you can’t build a traditional video story arc and evoke the most powerful emotions and branding at the end.

Think “thumb-stopping” videos – videos that stop people from scrolling down through their feeds to watch.


Inverted Pyramid

The inverted pyramid style of storytelling is native to traditional journalism, but its principles can be applied to social media video advertising. An inverted pyramid contains all the most compelling elements at the top. That’s how traditional news stories are written. And that’s how mobile videos are best designed.

You have about three seconds to grab a social media scrollers’ attention with a video.

That means:

  • Put your most compelling frame first.
  • Brand the video in the first few seconds.
  • Use fast action and quick cuts.


The Sound Of Silence

Facebook teaches in its Blueprint class “Optimizing video content for mobile” that a majority of video viewers on Facebook watch videos without sound.

Social media video advertisers have adapted by adding text, subtitles, and graphics so that their story remains intact in a silent environment. There are several free video editing tools that enable this.

Add sound to enhance the viewing experience for those who choose to watch your video with sound.

Other Considerations Of Mobile Optimized Video

  • Framing: Videos that play vertically are the best use of mobile social media space; horizontal framing requires a user to tilt their phone to best view.
  • Complementary videos: If you have a longer play video already posted to your website, provide a link in your shorter mobile video post to the longer play version.
  • Video series: Can you edit a long play video into a series of short videos? Video series are a great way to keep your audience engaged and create a memorable ad campaign.
  • Use visual rhythm: You can approximate a musical beat in a silent playing video with a rhythmically repetitive visual element.

Social media has made video advertising available to all businesses. Optimize your videos for mobile viewing to make the most of this opportunity.


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