Do You Know What “Mobile First” Means?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many business owners and managers don’t. But understanding it could be very helpful for your business.

Simply put, “mobile first” is a strategy that favors designing the online experience for mobile first, rather than for a desktop or laptop.  This strategy works well with other inbound marketing and can create a stronger flow of traffic to your site, which in turn boosts conversions and sales.

Why Focus On Mobile?

Mobile is where the people are. Pew Research Center has revealed that most Americans rely on their smartphones for Internet access.

  • Of the 95% of Americans with a cellphone, 77% own a smartphone (up from 35% in 2011)
  • More Americans now rely on smartphones for all of their online access at home
  • 1-in-5 American adults do not own another device, and rely solely on their smartphone

If your site is not mobile responsive and designed to be a great experience for mobile users, you are missing out on reaching potential customers.


Utilize Smartphones

Inbound marketing and “mobile first” strategies combine to create a marketing strategy that will connect you with your audience wherever they go. Responsive web design will streamline your visitors’ mobile experience, whereas a non-responsive site will most likely drive away mobile users.

After optimizing your website for mobile use, consider taking the next step- making an app. Apps are the most convenient platform for mobile use and can be tailored to meet all of your business’ needs. About 90% of time of those using a smartphone is spent in apps, meaning your customers may prefer to use an app over a mobile browser.

Another mobile-unique feature- QR codes. QR codes are popular for product comparison but can also be used to streamline user experience.

Use a QR code as a coupon, a Facebook “like” button, or to promote a campaign by bringing a visitor to a specific landing page.

Use Mobile Content To Boost Growth


As of 2016, nearly 80% of social media usage was via smartphone. Social media can be used in marketing in a variety of ways; content promotion can generate organic and paid traffic to attract new audiences and engage with current customers.

Creating SEO content and interacting with other brands on social media can also increase traffic and boost growth.

Every social media platform offers analytics to help you better understand who you are reaching, and in turn make changes to your marketing plan to better reach your desired audiences.

As we continue to make technological progress, marketers will have to adapt to how people consume media.

The concept of “mobile first” allows you to connect with audiences wherever they go. Combining your inbound marketing strategies with “mobile first” strategies will allow you to expand your reach and boost profitability.

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