Want A More Successful Second Half Of The Year? Here’s How To Refocus Your Efforts And Improve Your Marketing Momentum.


Each year has several distinct turning points. The first of the year is a typical time of reflection and renewal. The beginning of the school year is ingrained as a time of excitement and new beginnings. In some lines of work, the end of the fiscal year in June marks the most significant calendar transition.

From a marketing perspective, summertime is the perfect annual pause point. It’s a time when offices tend to be quieter with summer vacations, and the reduced frequency of meetings.

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In summer the calendar year is more than half over, and it’s time to take stock of what’s been working in your marketing efforts, what you might consider abandoning, and what needs a little tweak to set up for the rest of the year.

Follow these three steps to get the most out of summer and enter the back half of the year with increased marketing momentum.


1. A/B Test Your Calls-To-Action

Yourcalls-to-action may have more variables than you realize. And while the wording is probably what you are most inclined to tweak, also consider your call-to-actions’ design, color, and placement on your web page, in addition to the effectiveness of different phrases.

Each variable can be altered to see if you can make a positive impact in the number of people clicking through. This tutorial from Hubspot guides you through the A/B testing process for calls-to-action and landing pages.

It is recommended that you change one variable at a time so it will be clear which variable is responsible for any adjustment in conversions from your original to your reworked version. As you run more tests, the optimal wording, design, color, and placement will become apparent.


2. Evaluate Your Budget

We are halfway through the year. Does your marketing budget reflect that?

Most marketing budgets don’t correspond exactly with the calendar year. Some businesses plan a marketing push at the beginning of the summer. Others during back-to-school time.

Whatever your schedule, mid-summer is a good time to revisit the assumptions you made at the beginning of the year about how and when to spend your marketing dollars.

Have you reached your target audience? Have you communicated your unique selling proposition?

Assess your performance in these areas to refocus your marketing goals for the remainder of the year.

3. Assess Your Marketing’s Effectiveness

Any marketing assessment needs to consider the end result: sales. A year-over-year comparison of lead generation and sales will give you a general sense of your marketing success so far this year.

But today’s digital marketing techniques also come with detailed data you can use to assess the individual components of your marketing plan.

Now is the time to really dig deep in the analytics reports on your blog posts to see if there’s a topic or title style that is catching people’s attention.

Assess your calls-to-action to see which ones are bringing prospects to your website. Look at your landing page results to determine which content offers are converting visitors into leads.

All of this information will help you streamline and improve your efforts going into the fall.

If you take the time to reassess your marketing efforts this summer, you’ll set yourself up for a successful end of year.

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