Customer Satisfaction Through Live Chat Software

Live chat software is on the rise throughout the web, and for good reason: It has the best customer satisfaction track record of any customer service platform. Seventy-three percent of customers reported positive chat experiences, compared with 44 percent over the phone, in a recent survey.

This innovative approach to e-commerce has few drawbacks, and, if done right, can absolutely enhance your customer service capabilities and bottom line.

Let’s walk through the best ways to integrate customer support chat into your online sales process, as well as potential pitfalls to avoid.


  • Train the members of your team who will be fielding online chat inquiries for your business. Teach your team the software to ensure glitch-free communication; treat them as you would your A team sales reps.
  • Give your staff info sheets on your goods and services that they can refer to when responding to live customer inquiries. Quick, informed responses make for helpful chat experiences for your customers.


The Do's and don'ts of Live Chat For Websites

  • Rely on canned auto-responses. Unhelpful responses that sound robotic are a big turn off for prospective customers. The point of live customer support chat is to give your prospective customers thoughtful, timely information to help them make their best purchasing decision. If they think they are chatting with a robot, they will start looking for a real human to consult with, and that may be on a competitor’s website.


  • Use site analytics to determine when the busiest times of day for your website are. Be sure to staff your chat service accordingly. You may not be able to cover 24 hours a day, but you’ll definitely want to cover your site’s most busy times – and that may not be the traditional 9 to 5.


  • Miss out on opportunities to upsell or garner a social media thumbs up. Each time you engage a customer on your website’s live chat platform, you have an opportunity to delight them. Take the opening created by a great chat conversation to pitch additional products or services that can help your customer. A successful chat is also an opportunity to invite your customers to follow your social media platforms or subscribe to your newsletter.

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  • Set your live chat process up to handle multiple chats simultaneously. The more questions you can answer for people online, the less need they will have to call you.
  • Take the resources you allocate for phone customer service/sales and redirect them to online chat support/sales. If your system does get overwhelmed by the volume of chat requests, make sure your customers know that they are seen and are in the queue to be helped.


  • Allow your customers to rate their survey experience. Customizable chat plug-ins give you the ability to capture real-time feedback about your customers’ chatting experiences. It can be as simple as a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating (after all, asking for a detailed post-chat survey could be a way to get a “thumbs down”). This feedback will tell you quickly whether your chat service is meeting your customers’ needs.
  • Review your chat transcripts. This can provide new nuggets of insight into your customers’ needs and chart ways you can improve.

Well-executed live chat for websites is a convenience for customers and a sales driver for businesses. Once you get it up and running and properly staffed, chat support can provide a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction.



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