How To Maximize LinkedIn For Realtors

As a publishing platform inhabited by professionals, business executives and job-seekers, LinkedIn offers an opportunity for Realtors to go beyond just posting listings toward marketing their overall value in their community.

LinkedIn is primarily a professional-to-professional communication tool. So it’s a way to connect with people who may serve the same clients you are seeking.

By establishing yourself as a local real estate authority on LinkedIn, and nurturing relationships on the platform, other business owners will turn to you when their clients seek Realtor recommendations.

Follow these four Realtor-specific paths to LinkedIn success:

1. Add Value With Your Posts

You believe in the value of your brand, so use LinkedIn to showcase it. Have you written a FAQ for buyers and sellers? That is a perfect piece to post to establish your credentials and illustrate how you solve homebuying and selling problems.

If you haven’t written one yourself, research and post one from another source, adding a unique introduction to provide some context.

Perhaps your national brand partner has content you find is helpful to clients. Those pieces are also perfect LinkedIn conversation starters.

For original content, think about what your clients are asking you and craft a post around that. You’ll be answering people’s questions before they are asked, adding value to your LinkedIn profile and establishing yourself as a trusted source of local real estate information.

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2. Connections —> Recommendations —> Leads

Your LinkedIn page allows you to strengthen connections with groups that you are already connected to offline and discover new groups to connect with. Connections lead to conversations and attract recommendations and leads.

3. Build Lasting Relationships

Get more out of the networking, volunteering and social events that you participate in by bringing newly established offline relationships online. Reaching out to new friends on LinkedIn gives your young relationship an opportunity to solidify, deepen and last.

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Like a friend request on Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to invite people to connect with you, and accept invitations from others to connect. As you grow your list of connections, the value of LinkedIn to you and your business will only increase.

4. Advertise!

One thing you can rely on with LinkedIn is that job-seekers are using the network. Job-seekers who are relocating are prime leads for you. Realtors can tap into this group through LinkedIn’s targeted ad platform.

You can put your ad in front of people with a certain college degree or expertise in a certain field of study. You can target people who went to a specific school or university.

LinkedIn also allows you to target professionals by job title, seniority, skills and job function. Or you can pick a certain employer, industry or company size.

More broad audiences are good way to get your feet wet with LinkedIn ads then narrow your target when you get a sense for what is and isn’t working, using LinkedIn’s real-time ad analytics.

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