Why Leveraging Ads On LinkedIn Is A Great Idea For Realtors

LinkedIn advertising as part of a larger marketing strategy can be a powerful way to drive your business forward. Here are the things to keep in mind.

Understanding The Platform

LinkedIn is primarily a networking site focused on business to business, so as a Realtor, what is the benefit to spending time and money on this platform?

The majority of buyers and sellers are turning to the internet to search for potential homes and gather information about real estate services, so having a strong digital presence is paramount.

A responsive, up-to-date website and a presence on popular social media platforms is a must to compete in today’s market.

LinkedIn is a very popular platform, and while not the obvious choice to market yourself and your real estate brand, it should not be overlooked as a way to ultimately drive business.

When you establish a trusted and valuable presence on LinkedIn you can connect with local business owners that may have complementary services to yours such as movers, cleaners, contractors, and mortgage lenders.

These are all good people to keep you top of mind when someone asks for a recommendation.

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Staying involved in community groups, alumni organizations, and non-profits also keeps your name current, expands your network, and provides a robust picture and history for anyone searching for you online.

In a practical sense, being relevant on LinkedIn is another way that people will remember you, connect with you, and be able to direct potential customers to you because you and your brand are easily accessible on a trusted site.

You can make all of this even more powerful by investing in advertising on LinkedIn to boost and expand your reach.


LinkedIn Advertising

Like any other platform, if you invest some of your budget in advertising, your posts and activity will be seen by more people, making your social media efforts more worthwhile.


Here are some best practices you should keep in mind when advertising on LinkedIn:

  • Target your audience, but not too closely: LinkedIn Ads allow you to target your audience, meaning you will display your ad to only certain people or businesses that meet your criteria. There are many filters that allow you to narrow your audience but don’t narrow it down too much at first. It’s a good idea to start with a somewhat broader audience, see what is resonating, and then revisit and re-target your ad when you have some data.
  • LinkedIn values CTR: Ads with high CTR (click-through-rates) tend to get moved to the top – even if they aren’t paying as much. It’s more important to create an ad that actually gets clicks than it is to pay as much as you can afford.
  • Use large images: Ads with larger images distinctly out-perform the small thumbnails that are seen in the default options. Fortunately, as a Realtor, your advertising is highly visual to begin with – take advantage of this.
  • Don’t rely solely on LinkedIn: You probably won’t convert people on LinkedIn itself. Instead, focus on using your ads to drive people to a landing page, where you can discuss your offer in more detail. For example, you may want to talk about how fast you can help people find a new home, how many people you’ve settled in areas around the target businesses, and what the market forecast is for the next quarter.

You can also use email to advertise to companies you’ve partnered with through LinkedIn and keep those relationships intact – since you’re not talking directly to your customers, though, it’s usually better to focus on quarterly market reports and other things that
business owners may find helpful.

Consider providing a report with things like the average cost of a home in each major area, how long houses tend to be on the market, what the actual cost of moving is, and what kind of commute times people may face. When people are moving for business reasons, these are the kinds of details that matter.

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You’ll still want to advertise in other areas, of course – but when done right, LinkedIn advertising for Realtors can lead to some of your strongest sources of revenue.

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