Your Realtor Website Is A Wealth Of Marketable Assets

As a Realtor, if you ever get stuck for digital marketing ideas or inspiration, it helps to refer back to your website and remember that it’s comprised of several marketable elements.

Thinking of each element as something you can repurpose for distribution on social media and e-newsletters will help keep your digital marketing active.

Here are four ways to leverage your Realtor website for sustained marketing success.

4 Ways to Leverage Your Realtor Website for Marketing Purposes

1. Blog Amplification

Your website is the home base of your blog, but why not spread your posts to a wider audience? The effort you put into developing blog topics and creating new posts will be most effective when you boost your posts’ exposure. Put them out to your prospects instead of waiting for your prospects to find them.

Your email newsletter is a perfect place to embed your latest blog post and drive people back to your website. Add a short introduction to bolster your standing as an authority on the subject and give the blog post some context.

Your social media pages are also a fantastic avenue for blog amplification. For content you think prospects will find particularly helpful, consider a quick paid boost.


2. Posting Community Info

Check out these Realtor website must-haves. One of the under-appreciated elements on that list is the community page. This is a section of your website where you share your knowledge of the area you serve with information about schools, attractions, businesses, history, and landmarks.

This information, even if it takes the form of links to other resources, helps establish you as a trusted source of local knowledge. It’s great to have it all in one spot on your website, but deconstructing it into small postable elements will attract more prospects.

A simple link to a local resource with a contextualizing introduction can be a quick way to keep your social media platforms active and engage your audience.


3. Make Memorable Memes

If you’ve never made an internet meme, you are missing out on a fun and powerful social media trend. Memes are memorable, and as a Realtor, you have the building blocks of great memes at your fingertips.

Let’s assume you feature testimonials on your website. Let’s also assume you are using stellar photography to showcase your listings. Creating a meme is just a meme generator away.

A finished meme combines your photo and the testimonial of a client into one postable image that speaks for itself. It’s a fun way to get into the feeds of your followers. Memes play perfectly on Instagram but are also appropriate on Facebook and Twitter – not so much on LinkedIn, however.

4. Share Your Photos And Videos

Make the most of your listing photographs! People love interior shots of homes shared on social media. Facebook and Instagram also offer caurosel viewing options that allow you to post multiple photos on the same post, with viewers able to swipe through and stop as they please.

If you are producing videos, consider uploading them right into your social media post so they play seamlessly on people’s feeds. Make sure they are valuable with or without sound because your video will play silently unless they are clicked.

A video home tour set to music will hold its value even when silent. But if you are offering a market update or homebuying education, be sure to transcribe what is said into a video caption so it works even if played silently.


Your website is a wealth of individually marketable assets. Feed them into your social media profiles and newsletters to get the most out of them.

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