Make Sure Your Topics, Keywords, And Distribution Resonate


When you are committed to a successful inbound marketing campaign, it may feel like you have your head down with the steady pace of content production and distribution.

Taking a step back for evaluation is an important element of inbound marketing. Rounding into the autumn of 2017, it’s a good time to check in with each element of your inbound marketing campaign to make sure it is on track to help you hit your year-end business goals.

Here’s how to evaluate key inbound marketing elements for a late-summer tune-up of your campaign.

How to Evaluate Key Inbound Marketing Elements for a Strong Year-End

Are You Covering Topics That Resonate With Your Audience?

One way to reconnect with your audience is to re-read the buyer personas that underpin your inbound marketing campaign. These personas will give you a renewed understanding of the assumptions under which you initiated your campaign.

After you give them a critical read, look at the content you have created for your prospective customers. Is your content truly aligned with your prospects’ purchasing goals and challenges? Have you considered and created educational and valuable material for each stage of their buyer’s journey?

Recommitting yourself to providing value with your inbound marketing campaign can inspire a flourish of great content ideas.

Also be aware of any new products or market niches your business has entered this year. This often means your inbound marketing campaign can speak to a new type of prospect.

Incorporate new business initiatives into your campaign by building out a new buyer persona that describes the ideal customer of the new initiative.

Another way to align with your audience is through social media – less through posting, more through observing. Keep your social antennae up for new issues and conversations around your products and services and throughout your industry as a whole.

Revisit the social conversations on your pages as well as those of competitors and industry thought leaders.

Look for ways to add value to the topics and conversations that have popped up in recent months.

Are Your Keywords Performing?

Inbound marketing management software provides detailed insights about your search engine rankings for the keywords you have chosen to focus on. Hubspot’s keyword tool, for example, allows you to hone in on the overall popularity of keywords and where you are ranking in relation to competitors. It also illustrates trend lines in your ranking performance over time.

A focused inbound marketing campaign should move the needle on your keyword rankings. If you find your rankings are flat or trending down, the keywords you’ve chosen could be too broad or generic.

It’s easier to increase your rank for long-tail keywords that are more specific to your particular solution and geographic location.Long-tail keywords are also more relevant to your particular audience than broad search terms.


Have You Maintained Consistency And Frequency?

As we get to the final part of the year, it may become more challenging to maintain the pace of content creation you set out for in January. Look back at your publishing frequency over the past several months and see if there have been any lulls that went unnoticed at the time.

If you’ve been publishing consistently every week, that’s a job well done, and now is the time to recommit for the remainder of the year.

If there have been dips, our blog editorial calendarcould be the tool you need to keep you on track.

Are You Distributing Content On The Right Platforms?

Assess the response your blog posts have generated on your social media pages. It may be time to boost your exposure on a different platform. Have you always wondered, for example, about reaching the LinkedIn audience or how your content would play on Instagram? If you are thirsty for more social media exposure, expansion onto a new platform could be the answer.


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