Short Answer: Yes!  But Before You Go Back To Continuing Your Current Program, There Are Ways You Can Mix Up Your Content To Really Make It Stand Out.

In 2017, we’re seeing a new focus on formats, re-purposing material, and improving overall quality – which does have an effect on how you can create the perfect marketing storm. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Going Beyond The Blog – Re-Purposing Content To Share

Make no mistake, growing your blog’s audience is still an important part of content marketing. If that’s the only thing you’re doing, though, you’re missing out on the opportunity to reuse your content in different ways. Here are some of the best ways we’ve found to re-purpose content for 2017:


This is a service  that allows you to create and upload slideshows that can be shared privately or publicly. Slideshare allows you to take a PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument presentations and turn them in to slide decks that can be viewed on your own site or embedded into others.

This is a good way to reach the parts of your audience that focus more on visuals than text. Try taking a blog and breaking it down into a slide format, or create an instructional video with photos and simple instructions.

Our Inbound Marketing creates opportunities by attracting and engaging qualified prospects with relevant, valuable content.


These are a great way to use your photos and even have a little fun. Most people have shared a meme that resonates with them on social media, why not get in on the popularity?

You don’t need to overthink using a meme. Choose a photo, add a filter, maybe enhance the background and then add some text. It could be an inspiring quote, a schedule of events, a quick set of instructions (if you have a product that pertains to that sort of thing), interesting statistics, or a quote from a popular blog. It’s really up to you.

You can use memes to share great reviews of your products or services. Do this sparingly however –  you want to make sure whatever you’re sharing is helpful, so try to pick a review where someone calls out a specific service or product that others might be searching.

Newsletters are a great way to share valuable content with your target audience! Why and How to Start a Small Business Newsletter


Another great format for content marketing, especially if you focus on creating short, appropriate videos that you can share around the web.

Good videos often include actual footage of your product, people talking about your services, or help with using your product properly.

Keep On Blogging

Blogs are still at the heart of this sort of content marketing, since they provide the basic information you need. If you’re creating a how-to video, you’d want to write the blog first, then use that as a basic script for the video.

Similarly, if you wanted to create a meme involving statistics, you’d want to create a blog post listing all of those so you could simply copy the most interesting ones.

Blogs are also a good way of testing the content before you start converting it to other formats. If there’s a particular post that people seem to like more than your other content, try converting whatever it’s talking about to other formats.

This is one of the reasons it’s so important to focus on producing quality content. One good blog post can do more for your company than five poor ones – and quality content is more likely to be worth re-purposing so you can extract added value from it.


Is content still king? For now, and for the foreseeable future, it certainly is. Whatever format it takes, continue to make sure it is helpful and provides value to your audience. 

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