By Now You’ve Heard That Instagram Is The Social Medium Of Millenials, Right?

In a 2016 poll, about 80 percent of teens said they use Instagram, compared with 52 percent for Facebook and 56 percent for Twitter. reports that about two-thirds of all millennial smartphone users will be Instagraming by 2019.

To help your nonprofit thrive throughout the new century, catching up with where young adults are spending their time is essential and will put your organization in the best position to attract the next generation of leaders to your cause.

You’ll also be ready when Millenials make their next social media move.

Follow these tips to make your nonprofit Instagram page further the reach of your mission.

Playing Tag

Instagram is a Facebook company but has its own ecosystem and conventions. It thrives on imagery and hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way for your organization to reach people who are interested in what you do, but who don’t already follow you.

Finding the most popular hashtags then tagging your posts with them can help you attract new followers, as well as promote certain messages about your organization.

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For example, if your organization recently helped motivate or inspire a person or group of people, you can post an illustration of that under the hashtag #motivationmonday. That will merge you with the millions of other #motivationmonday posts that typically pop on Instagram every Monday.

There are thousands of popular hashtags. Some, like #motivationmonday and other day-based tags like #throwbackthursday are general and ubiquitous. Others are more specific to an industry, activity or geographic location.

Research the hashtags that relate to your mission and activities and use them in your Instagram posts to boost engagement and gain new followers.

Just be sure your post accurately reflects the hashtag and is true to your nonprofit’s cause. Always research a hashtag before using it! Bad hashtagging is to Instagram what spamming is to e-mail.

What To Post

Using Instagram for nonprofits is a natural fit. As a nonprofit, you create quality Instagram content just by the nature of the work you do. Take advantage of your staff’s and volunteers’ work in the field.

Snap images with your phone when the smiles are biggest and the work is most rewarding. These photos are the foundation of a steady stream of compelling Instagram posts.

These Photo Editing Apps Add Fun And Creativity To Your Instagram Photos

Awesome images are the foundation, but Instagram allows a ton of creativity to enhance your images.

Use your photos as part of a Meme — an image and caption combo — using third-party apps like picsart and phonto to quickly create funny or poignant messages.

Employ Instagram’s famous “filters” to change the look, feel and personality of your post. There are dozens of filters to choose from, and seeing your raw image under Instagram’s many filters before choosing one is part of the fun of the platform.

Your phone can be a powerful camera, and having an active Instagram feed will pull you into the artistry of photography. Be bold, be beautiful, be offbeat, be funny, and people will find your posts worthwhile.

Aside from its basis in photography, remember that Instagram is similar to other social mediums. Being outgoing and socializing are the name of the game. Comment on others’ posts, reply to comments on your posts, follow other users and interact with the people who follow you.

A new audience awaits your nonprofit on Instagram. Jump in and interact. You will be serving your mission by engaging a new generation of allies and supporters.


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