Follow The Lead Of These Four Stellar Website Homepages

Can we be honest? There are so many amazing website homepage designs from all over the world that captivate visitors and guide them into lasting relationships with businesses, that it’s hard to highlight just a handful!

But it’s important for a business starting the website building process to draw inspiration from what is already working out on the web, and any business would do well to follow the lead of these four examples.

1. Airbnb


Taking a cue from Google (whose homepage remains sparse despite the depth of algorithmic information it holds), Airbnb keeps its homepage clean and simple. Airbnb’s web design also mirrors the same Google-worthy white background and prominent search bar as the dominant feature.

Unlike Google’s homepage, however, Airbnb uses a brand-encapsulating header, “Book unique homes and experiences all over the world,” to entice visitors to use the search engine and explore deeper into the site.

While the top of the page is effectively sparse, the page rewards visitors who scroll down with imagery and details about specific properties, categorizing them – and thereby segmenting visitors – based on what they may be looking for. For experienced Airbnb users, the content changes based on search and booking histories.

The homepage includes traditional elements, like links to an about us page and social media profiles, but it keeps them understated compared to the dominant search bar and property listings that most Airbnb homepage visitors are coming for.


2. Allbirds


The Allbirds shoe company homepage stands out for its variety of content types, its multiple calls-to-action, its humor, and its rich functionality.

The page mixes in images, autoplaying videos, animation, and traditional video into a compelling package that intrigues visitors about the product. Allbirds also does a great job of segmenting its visitors – using both its top navigation and mid-page calls-to-action (CTAs) – into people looking for kid’s, women’s, or men’s products.

The homepage has an avenue for every imaginable visitor, from guests who are ready to shop, learn more about the company, sign up for the newsletter, or follow Allbirds on Instagram.


3. Paypal


Paypal’s homepage offers two distinct funnels for visitors that are uniquely designed into the page’s header.

Business owners are given a quick synopsis of the services Paypal offers with a call-to-action in the header. Personal-use prospects are given a different set of service descriptions and a separate call-to-action.

The fact that the page design accommodates all of this in a single header is an impressive use of space.

The content continues with multiple and varied CTAs as well as a drawing that illustrates Paypal’s value as a financial tool for business and personal use.

The homepage manages to take a subject that is rather dry – financial transactions – and dress it up with imagery and illustrations, as well as concise descriptions and lively calls-to-action, to make it intriguing and attractive for prospects to sign up for the service.


4. Evernote


Evernote makes creative use of animation to reveal a short, four-part header. The homepage also makes effective use of white space to highlight the sign-up form that greets visitors at the top of the page.

Scrolling down, Evernote presents three key benefits – described in ways that clearly illustrate how the product helps its customers.

The homepage design takes a multimedia approach, with fun illustrations that lead to short descriptive videos, as well as header-text-call-to-action combinations that describe the product’s benefits.

Evernote adds tips and resources for prospective and existing users on its homepage, illustrating that it is a helpful company invested in its customers’ success.

Your homepage is the place to showcase what your brand is all about and what its value is. Let these examples inspire you to build your best design.

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