Why Is Inbound Marketing Such A Perfect Lead-Generation Technique For Realtors?


Because buying and selling real estate is a life-altering change for most people that produces anxiety and a ton of questions. And as a Realtor, you are in a position to help, enlighten, and ease anxieties.

That’s what inbound marketing is all about. Venture onto the world wide web with valuable, educational content and potential customers will be drawn to you.

Today’s consumers are looking online as a first step to any purchase. They are not interested in talking to sales people until they’ve educated themselves. An inbound marketing campaign for Realtors capitalizes on this reality, helping you start relationships with buyers and sellers during the early stages of their journey.

Here are five steps Realtors can take to have success with inbound marketing.

5 Ways to Use Inbound Marketing for Realtors

1) Create Valuable Blogs.

Think of all the questions you typically field as a professional. Consider the most helpful things buyers and sellers in your area should know. Tune into the conversations going on industry-wide and localize them for your area.

Turn these topics into helpful blog posts designed to educate potential clients. A steady stream of these posts forms the backbone of your inbound marketing campaign. They will bolster your authenticity as a go-to source for property sales in your area and, over time, attract quality leads to your website.


2) Keyword Your Copy.

Your website copy and the blogs you produce should be embedded with search keywords.

These are the terms you believe potential clients are using when they research the internet for resources to help them with their sale or purchase. These are also words and phrases for which you want to be found.

Strategically embedded keywords on your blog and website alert search engines like Google that you are an authority in your field and geographic location.

When people are searching for real estate professionals in your area, keywords will help your content climb to the top of search results.


3) Amplify With Social Media.

The content you produce can be amplified on your personal and professional social media pages. Building out an up-to-date presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook gives you a bigger audience and expands your reach exponentially.

Your blogs can and should be posted to your social media profiles. As more people view your content and follow links back to your website, your search engine rankings will increase and your lead generation will accelerate.


4) Convert Leads With Contact Forms.

Attracting readers from your blog and social media posts requires strong calls-to-action backed up by quality gated content. Your gated content should be a deeper dive into topics that are helpful to your potential clients.

Gated content can take the form of an ebook, a spreadsheet of detailed demographic data, or a video presentation, among other formats.

The content is gated because it requires some participation from your prospects. A form on your website will ask them to provide some contact information in exchange for the gated content.

This information is your key to continued follow-up. Your forms can require the minimum of an email address or ask more detailed questions that help you get to know your leads better, such as demographic information and real estate needs.

How much you ask on your forms is a balancing act between quantity and quality of leads. Try different forms and hone in on what works best.


5) Analyze For Future Success.

Continued monitoring of the response to your blogs, social media posts, calls-to-action and forms is essential to maximizing your inbound marketing results.

Analyze how people are using your website to determine which pieces of content are performing best, pay attention to reactions to your social media posts, and keep track of which calls-to-action generate the most click-throughs.

Make changes to your campaign based on what’s working. Let the content people are engaging with guide your future efforts, and abandon ideas that don’t resonate.


A committed, consistent campaign of inbound marketing for Realtors is a great way to capitalize on a buyer-centric reality. These tips will get you off to a strong start in attracting more qualified leads.


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