Most Professional Marketing Teams Have The Skills To Be Successful With Inbound Marketing. It Just Takes A Shift In Mindset.

This blog will show you how to repurpose your staff’s traditional marketing skills to build capacity for long-term success with inbound marketing.

Here’s how these five core marketing competencies can be used for inbound marketing.


The person who researches your company’s market opportunities, customer needs, and competitive landscape is the perfect fit to lay a solid foundation for an inbound campaign.

Transform Your Team into an Inbound Marketing Powerhouse

Tap this person to create your “buyer personas” – a detailed description of your ideal customer, complete with their demographic data, career information and your best perception of their goals and challenges. Your team will refer to these personas when planning, creating, and distributing content.

Your researcher can also be a great source of inbound content. Primary industry research that is valuable and enlightening to your prospects is a key component of inbound marketing.

Package it into enticing content that can be used to convert website visitors into known leads.


Website Design

If you have an in-house website designer, your inbound marketing team will rely on that person to create webpages specific to the content offers you are publishing, and to quickly tweak pages for optimal lead conversions.

Your web designer will be tapped into the specifics of your inbound marketing campaign and tasked with creating specific landing pages that correspond to each of your content offers. They’ll also create thank you pages for prospects who have taken advantage of your offer.

Using data about which pages are performing best, your web designer can optimize all of your landing and thank you pages over time.


Writing And Graphic Design

The people who write and design your company’s promotional material will be an indispensable part of your inbound marketing team.

They will be responsible for producing new website copy and imagery for your landing pages and thank you pages, writing blogs, designing infographics, and creating “gated content” to entice visitors to download.


Social Media Management

If you have the right person managing your social media pages – someone engaging, sociable, and creative – it should be a seamless transition into social distribution of your inbound marketing content.

With the steady stream of content being produced through your campaigns, we recommend using a social media posting calendar to schedule out your posts.

Also, be prepared to engage in increased conversations among your followers around your posts.


Your marketing manager sets your marketing strategy and will be the chief content strategist of your inbound marketing campaign.

They will have a deep understanding of your buyer personas and the content that will be most valuable to them, as well as the keywords that will help your content get found on search engines.

The manager will keep the entire program on track with a completed content calendar that gives the campaign long-term direction. Your manager will also continually analyze data that measures the response to your content and tweak the campaign to maximize results.


If your marketing team has these skills, you are set up well to get started with inbound marketing. Once these skills are redirected to inbound efforts, you’ll have everything you need to implement inbound marketing at your company.


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