Assess Your Ability In These Core Skills For Your Answer

You are considering starting an inbound marketing strategy for your business. One problem, you are your business, right?

There is no marketing team to divvy up the tasks.

Can you be the strategy-setter, blogger, web designer, and lead nurturer for your inbound marketing campaign? If you possess (or can develop) the content marketing and web design skills, can adopt an inbound mindset, and pride yourself on persistence, then the answer is absolutely yes!

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Also, there are a host of online resources that can help you get started and sustain success.

Let’s jump in with these core competencies to set you up as a one-person inbound marketer for the benefit of your business.



You’ll need a detailed understanding of who your customers are and what they are looking for to create a foundation for your inbound marketing campaign. Any demographic information you have (or can acquire, perhaps through a customer survey) about them is a great start toward building “buyer personas”.

Also, think about the questions prospective customers ask you when they are considering a purchase, and how your business solves their problem. A complete buyer persona will be a combination of demographic data like age, location and income range as well as your perception of the goals, worldview and challenges of your prospects.

Once you know your buyers — and you may need multiple buyer persona descriptions to reflect different types of customers — it’s time to create the content that will draw them into your sales pipeline.


Content Marketing

Valuable, relevant content will be the currency of your inbound marketing campaign. Three key elements are:

  • Topics – Can you generate a steady stream of content topics that speak to your buyers in ways that are educational and valuable? This takes a lot of forethought and industry knowledge as well as a hunger for staying up to date with industry discussions. However, you will find excellent content topic ideas as you follow and participate in online conversations among your industry peers.
  • Keywords – Quality prospects won’t find your content unless it is embedded with the terms they use to seek out solutions in your field. Odds are, your content will naturally use generic industry search terms. But it’s wise to think about keywords and keyphrases that are specific to your products and services, as well as your geographic location. Using more specific phrases, known as  long-tail keywords, gives search engines a better picture of your company. Plus, there is less competition for them.
  • Consistency – along with topic generation, this is the other real challenge of inbound marketing, especially for a one-person operation. Can you sustain production of high-quality, valuable content for the foreseeable future? If the quality of your content declines, you risk repelling potential customers. I recommend maintaining a content calendar to keep you on track and organize your topics around buyer persona and keywords.


Website Design

If your content does its job, your website traffic will increase. But before you attract a whole bunch of new site visitors, make sure your site is optimized for inbound marketing. This will require new landing page builds that give your new visitors an opportunity to further their relationship with your business.

As a one-person operation, you might consider outsourcing this task to a trusted website designer. But with the wave of user-friendly web design platforms like SquarespaceWeebly, and WordPress, you can absolutely do this yourself.

Create landing pages that are relevant to your inbound marketing campaign. Offer more complex “gated content” there, and ask your visitors to supply their contact information for access to the content.

You’ll also need to create corresponding thank you pages that acknowledge your new prospect and invite them to check out another area of your site.

Lead Nurturing

Your inbound marketing campaign is sure to ramp up your lead generation, but it’s what you do from here that counts the most. Can you nurture these new leads into paying customers?

Add email list engagement to the list of inbound marketing to-dos!

Your emails are the content that converts leads to sales. This is content for people further along the buyers’ journey than those who come upon your blog posts. Create email content that targets prospects in the consideration and decision-making phase of their journey.


Can you do it all? You’ve read through to the end of this post – that’s the type of persistence that reflects well on your chances to implement inbound marketing. Start slowly and make sure you are always offering authentic and valuable content to your audience. It is also possible to outsource certain tasks along they way!

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