Understanding the needs and expectations of clients, emulating a unified brand identity, and creating a strong online presence are all key aspects of engaging clients in the luxury real estate industry.

There are many moving parts in real estate marketing, but luckily a solid inbound marketing program can help you achieve your growth goals.

4 Reasons You Need an Inbound Marketing Program for Luxury Real Estate

1. Prove You Can Deliver Results

All sellers want a Realtor who is going to deliver results, but the stakes get higher as the price of the property rises. Perhaps the most important reason to engage an inbound marketing program for luxury real estate in 2020 is the ability to prove your value to potential customers.

With a solid inbound marketing program, you can give clients a detailed and strategic plan that will let them know you are using all of the resources available to market their listing.

Important online marketing opportunities such as advertising, sharing social content, engaging audiences, and directly contacting buyers can all be addressed in your inbound strategy.

A fully-formulated inbound strategy will also give you access to vital statistics that can prove your success to clients; metrics like click-through rates, reach, engagement, and views can clearly demonstrate to clients your online visibility and audience size. You can also provide information about who is viewing your content and determine if they are the ideal buyers for the client’s property. This data may be your greatest asset in onboarding new high net-worth clients.

The more expensive the property, the higher the stakes; high-income clients want an agent who can give them exactly what they are looking for. Using inbound marketing, you can prove to the toughest client that you can deliver results.


2. The Power Of Online Searches


Like many other industries, the real estate industry has been greatly influenced by online searches. Today, 44% of buyers use the internet for property searches before going to any other source.

Across generations, buyers are using the internet to find valuable information throughout the buying process; even 89% of older boomers and 72% of the silent generation search online during the home hunt.

strong inbound marketing program will increase your visibility so when your ideal audience is searching the internet, your content will be there to help them along the way. Because so many of these buyers are using the internet to find answers to questions, having helpful and informative content will demonstrate to buyers that you are a knowledgeable professional; when it comes time for these visitors to find an agent, your brand will come to mind.

Even in luxury markets, a strong online presence and quality website will be more effective in targeting high net-worth buyers than expensive print material.

(Source: NAR)

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3. People Still Need Realtors


Although the internet has a plethora of information and answers to almost every question, buyers still understand the value of working with a real estate agent; 86% of buyers still hire a Realtor today despite having access to real estate listings on the internet.

Technology may be changing how Realtors interact with clients as well; 93% of agents preferred to communicate with their clients via text message or phone call. This means your clients have access to you at any point in the buying process and can quickly and easily reach out if they are in need. This can prove to be a much more valuable resource than online content.

4. Inbound Is An All-In-One Solution


Inbound marketing addresses all of your marketing goals under one roof to create a unified and effective marketing program.

  • Brand exposure

When engaging audiences online, you are competing against every other brand out there. The best way to get front and center is to fine-tune your online content to deliver the best results; SEO and paid advertising are two key methods of improving your online visibility.

If your ideal audience can’t find your content, you are missing your opportunity to convert a lead, but with inbound marketing you can engage with potential clients throughout the buyer’s journey.

  • Community engagement

We know location is important in real estate, but it’s also a very important aspect of your inbound marketing strategy. Knowing exactly what type of clientele you attract and what they are looking for will be a huge advantage in your inbound strategy. This can be particularly important when selling luxury real estate; as the number of buyers tend to be lower, but they are usually very specific in what they are looking for.

With an inbound program, you will have access to data that will inform you and your clients of what type of buyers you attract and whether they are the right buyers for your client’s property.

  • Property information

When you are selling a property, particularly a home, you are not just selling the building but the whole community. The features around a property are as important as what’s inside; being able to give in-depth information about the surrounding area will strengthen the impact you have on potential buyers.

Beyond location and scenic views, clients may value other features like school districts, area reputation, community centers, and other features that may sell the property better than the property itself.

Use your inbound marketing program to achieve your goals; share your brand with targeted audiences, stand out among competitors, engage your local community and buyers, and deliver a greater ROI than with older, outbound marketing methods.

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