I Applaud Anyone Who Has Started And Maintained A Robust Inbound Marketing Campaign.

It takes creativity, stamina, and a willingness to learn new strategies.

What have your results been? Are you seeing the uptick in website traffic and lead generation you expected?

There’s always room for improvement, and with inbound marketing, you can improve without increasing your marketing budget. Here are four budget-friendly tips to getting better at inbound marketing.

4 Tips the Improve Inbound Marketing on a Budget

1. Mine Social Media

Social media means more to your inbound marketing program than just a distribution channel. It is also a reliable idea-generator. Look for people and businesses to follow that inspire or enlighten you. Follow the conversations around industry hashtags and hashtags that are specific to your city, town, or region. Use LinkedIn groups to join discussions with like-minded professionals.

This type of social media activity is a surefire way to stoke your creative embers and spark a wealth of content topic ideas. It can also lead you to share and repost content from others in your industry – a good way to establish connections with industry leaders, provide value to your followers, and bolster your authenticity as a source of quality information.


2. Use A Blog Calendar

Let’s say you’re flush with content topic ideas. A helpful next step is to organize them using a blog editorial calendar. Using an editorial calendar will help you be more strategic about your blog, encouraging you to think about its purpose and how it can be an asset for your business. Which of your buyer personas are you writing for? What stage are they at in the buyer’s journey? Which keywords do you want each blog to hit on? Which landing page will the blog link back to? What call-to-action fits best with the content?

A blog editorial calendar organizes all of these key inbound marketing elements, ensuring you make the most out of each post. It also keeps you working well ahead of your publishing dates.


3. Create A New Buyer Persona

Targeting your blog program to just one or two buyer personas will limit your inbound marketing campaign. Perhaps your products and services have evolved enough to consider a new target market. Or maybe there is a new market segment you are breaking into. Try revisiting your customer database to find a new type of customer you had not been targeting with your inbound campaign.

Creating a new buyer persona and expanding your content marketing to be of value to them will attract a new segment of website visitors and leads.

4. Use Data

A readily available way to improve your inbound marketing campaign is by parsing its results. Quantifying which of your calls-to-action are clicked through and which of your content offers are downloaded should reveal actionable intelligence for improving your future offers.

Similarly, checking out the number of page visits to each of your blog posts as well as the social media conversations around them will help you hone in on what titles, topics, and images are grabbing the attention of your target audience.


Use these tips to improve your practice of inbound marketing on a budget.


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