When The News Is Fast, Frenzied, And Often Worrisome, How Do You Get Your Message Out And Still Be Mindful Of Your Audience’s Needs?

With what seems to be a fifteen-minute news cycle and constant updates appearing on news sites and social media, it is easy to assume that your audience is waiting by the screen for the next headline. This may be true however, people still have to make a living and business as usual has to keep happening.

Whatever your content marketing strategy is, stick to your schedule and keep on going.

1. Be Brand Consistent And Don’t Try To Fight For Attention

You may be tempted to move outside your brand and get in the middle of whatever the latest discussion is about. Unless it is consistent with your message, don’t do it.

Stay brand consistent and market your product or service to your target audience. People and businesses still have needs and your message will reach them if you stay on course.

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2. Adjust Your Advertising Dollars

While it’s important to stay brand consistent when you market in a turbulent world, one area that you should consider adjusting is how you spend your advertising dollars.

It can be difficult to gain attention in a news feed that is constantly changing and is brimming with eye-catching and sometimes shocking headlines. If you are currently promoting ads or posts on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn it could be difficult to break through all of the noise.

Take those advertising dollars and funnel them into pay-per-click Google adwords. In doing so you will be advertising directly to people who are searching for your keywords, which gives you a better chance at converting them into customers.

Your money will be more targeted, and you won’t be competing with the news of the hour!

3. Get Creative – How Can You Be Helpful?

Ask yourself, how can you be helpful and alleviate your clients’ potential stress, anxiety, or overload? How can you market your services or products through the lens of helping your audience?

We have always believed that a successful content marketing program is based on offering value, and being helpful, to your reader. Make this your number one goal when sharing posts, sending out offers, or writing blogs.

Stand out as a helpful resource and it will resonate with your audience.

Take a look at your content and offers. Which ones are the most helpful and can add value for your customers? Focus on that sort of content and double up on your sharing.

4. Provide An Alternative Focus – What Can People Work On Now?

As part of any content marketing program, what you share and post about should not always be focused on your business. The often used 80/20 rule that is a basic tenet of content marketing states, “80% of the content you post to social media should be helpful and valuable to your audience, and 20% can be self-promotional.” Use that 80%  chunk of helpful content to focus on what people can work on now.

For local businesses, spread the word about volunteer opportunities, area nonprofits that could use a boost, or an event that encourages your community to come together.

Share helpful articles that offer advice on how people can feel more secure about their future or how they can focus their efforts to make an impact for others.

Most importantly, be ready and be nimble. As things change around us, be ready to pause programs or reword content based on external events. Check in with your programs often and use reliable news sources to stay current.

5. Be Positive. Be Kind.

In all of your marketing efforts, the overarching goal is be positive and be kind. There is enough animosity being fired back and forth that it is more important than ever to just be kind. Your audience will appreciate it.

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