With the current crisis still sweeping across the globe, many Realtors find themselves facing a new set of challenges, and opportunities, for connecting with buyers and sellers, and keeping the real estate market moving forward.

Fortunately, the practices of inbound and digital marketing can help to solve the challenges brought about by the need to stay safe and social distance, by reaching your target market and providing them with the valuable information they seek.

Despite the necessary restrictions that are currently in place in many states, Realtors can still connect and serve buyers and sellers. It may just be time to shift your current practices towards a more digitally centered marketing strategy.

Why Now Is The Time To Focus On Digital Marketing…

In the wake of COVID-19, the internet is especially important for continuing everyday business.

Though the internet has always been a powerful tool for Realtors, it is now the easiest and most powerful way to create and maintain a direct connection to clients.

Even though how Realtors get through daily business has changed, many people are still very interested in researching real estate; some may be itching to buy or sell as soon as things start to return to normal, others are looking for a chance at escapism.

The internet allows you to share all the important information buyers and sellers are looking for, from virtual housing tours to facts about surrounding neighborhoods, and now facts about how the virus has impacted real estate. If you utilize the right kinds of content, your website can act as a hub for all the information clients may need during their journey.

What To Do Next…

Here are a few ways you can continue to market, while still recognizing that we are in a difficult time.

1. The Current Landscape

During this strange time, there is no such thing as too much reliable information. People are confused and concerned about what is happening and what is to come.

By providing truthful information from trusted sources, you will be providing so much more than just listings and photos; your site can become a reliable source of educational information that people need right now.

Start by answering some of the most basic yet important questions: what are the parameters? What is your state allowing and prohibiting? Are in-person showings allowed? What can you do to protect yourself when showing your home or viewing listings? Are in-person transactions still happening in your office? Is it possible to do a completely remote purchase/sale of a property?

2. Latest Market News

As a Realtor, you have probably worked through tough times before, whether it be a failing housing market, recession, or now a pandemic.

Even if the current state of the market is not very strong, you can still provide valuable information and honest advice. As a real estate professional, people will turn towards you for an experienced opinion and suggestions on where to go next.

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3. Update Listings

In-person showings are restricted, or even not possible in some areas. Now is the time to get creative when showcasing your listings on your website and social media accounts.

The more photos the better, especially if your clients won’t be able to see the property in person for some time. You might choose to include both photos of the property empty and furnished and views from all angles to provide a more accurate sense of the space. You can also use many affordable online editing tools to create 360 degree videos or 3D models of the space. These types of technology will give your clients the most authentic sense of the space.

If you aren’t comfortable with that level of technology yet, you can always offer to do a video tour of the home; video chatting with buyers while touring the house is the closest many Realtors may get to in-person tours for a while. This gives you the opportunity to speak more in-depth about the property and allows buyers to ask specific questions while viewing the space.

Don’t forget social media! Currently, 77% of Realtors actively use social media,

47% of real estate businesses claim that social media drives the highest quality leads, and 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers begin their home search online.

Posting images of properties to Instagram and Facebook puts your listings in front of those who might not have gone out of their way to find that listing. Even if they are not interested in that specific property, more eyes on the post means an interested buyer is more likely to see it. Visual social platforms like Instagram can be especially beneficial for Realtors to draw in viewers and increase brand awareness.

Keep Looking To The Future…

By looking at this graph, it is clear that real estate showings have greatly decreased due to the virus, but it seems that things may be starting to get back to normal. Even if you are not able to go about your business as you used to, there are many ways to continue doing business without meeting clients in person.

With so many people turning to the internet to begin their buyers’ journeys, it is essential to invest in your website.

A strong Realtor site will only continue to benefit your business, even after you are able to conduct in-person business again; providing as much reliable and relevant information as possible will not only draw in viewers, but also turn your site into a source of important information.

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