Take Your Business Anywhere With A Mobile Optimized Website


As a Realtor, you know better than anyone you are always on the go. So why would you want to have a website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices?

Accessing your Realtor website remotely is increasingly essential.

It’s time to prepare for the day when you don’t need to carry around printed listings, when your laptop can stay in the car as you arrive at a showing.

Having your agency’s full wealth of information at your fingertips is liberating, but it needs to be done right.

Follow these four guidelines to ensure your website works from any location – both for you and your clients.


1) Map It

Maps are a homebuyer’s best friend. Integrating Google Maps or another user-friendly service into your mobile website gives your clients the clearest picture of your listings’ locations.

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The maps on your site can be customized to include directions to neighborhood landmarks like grocery stores, schools, and the post office. This is especially helpful for out-of-town clients. An informative map that is accessible from mobile devices presents you as an authority on the neighborhoods your clients are looking into.


2) Searchability

Your full roster of listings should be loaded onto your mobile website and searchable by location, price, and style.

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We all know that searching on mobile devices can be frustrating. Keep in mind that your site visitors will be typing in keywords on a touch-screen using smartphone-sized letter keys. Consider offering several preloaded search options to save your users time.

Preloaded location and price-range options will make it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for on their phones.


3) Easy Contact

As your site visitors navigate your listings, make sure they always know how to get in touch with you.

Your contact information should be prominent not only on your homepage, but also on whichever page or listing your visitor is viewing.

Consider placing a top-of-page “click-to-call” icon on each individual listing to add another user-friendly way to get in touch.

It should also remain clear to your site visitors how to return to your homepage from anywhere within your site.

4) Imagery

With all the technical aspects of ensuring your mobile real estate website is optimized, it’s easy to lose track of what sells a home online: beautiful photography.

Like your desktop site, your mobile site listings should be grounded in eye-catching images of your properties. A variety of images will ensure your listing plays well both in portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) view.


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A great mobile Realtor website will ensure you always have what you need to conduct business, and will give your clients what they are looking for from wherever they happen to be.

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