Posting And Call-To-Action Opportunities Punctuate New Enhancements

As a business owner, how much thought do you give to the information that pops up when someone searches for your business online?

Basic SEO means you have tailored your homepage title and meta description to describe your business using carefully considered keywords. So you know what the clickable headline and sub-heading will read in search results.

But have you considered the powers of your Google My Business listing to enhance what the searcher sees?

This essential business listing has gone through some major upgrades this year, allowing businesses to give searchers more detailed and up-to-the-minute information than ever before in a Google search result.

Google pulls information from your Google My Business listing for a visual display in the right sidebar of search results.

Here are the new aspects of the platform you can use to help your business pop in search results.


A Google Post?!

Taking a page from social media, GMB now has a posting feature! This is the only way to inform Google searchers of limited time offers, daily specials, events, and other timely business promotions.

When you create a GMB post, it will be displayed along with your location, photos, and contact information in the GMB sidebar in search results.

The “create a post” icon in GMB will lead you to fields to enter photos, title text (up to 58 characters), detailed text (up to 1,500 characters), and a call-to-action button. You can preview and edit your post before publishing it. Your post will be visible in Google Maps as well as in search results.

Google automatically deletes posts after seven days, so timeliness is a key aspect of your GMB posts. Take heed of Google’s quality control guidelines. Things to avoid include:

  • slang like BOGO (buy one get one)
  • Excessive exclamations points or all caps (HUGE sale today!!!!!!!)
  • Multiple unrelated offers in one post, and offers with multiple exclusions

Posting is a new element of the Google ecosystem, but it’s easy, and has great potential for furthering your reach to your target audience.


Enhanced Business Attributes

GMB has added new options to describe the attributes of your business. For example, does your business have outdoor seating? Is wifi available? Is your location ADA compliant?

Google gives businesses a preloaded list of attributes for business owners to edit as it relates to their business. When editing your list of attributes, you can affirm whether the attribute applies, and, in some cases, add granularity to your attributes.

Restaurant owners, for example, can specify whether they offer some vegetarian options or are exclusively vegetarian.

Google uses your answers to help with the accuracy of search results.

Listing And Linking To Specific Services

Service businesses can now provide a link in their GMB profile to each service they provide. This entices prospects to take action directly from search result pages and Google Maps.

Your GMB listing has a URL section where you can add URLs associated with specific services. A spa, for example, can add a link to their “massage services” page that takes prospects to a form where they can book an appointment.

This is a great way for businesses to provide information about an array of services with links that allow prospects to take immediate action.

These Google My Business updates provide improved value to businesses as well as to people searching online for goods and services.

They allow business owners to give greater detail about their businesses and actionable links to specific areas of their websites.

Take inventory of your Google My Business profile, and take advantage of these new features.


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