There Are A Few Things That Really Help When You’re Trying To Get Your E-Commerce Website Design To Stand Out From The Crowd

Let’s take a look at three successful sites and what elements make a good e-commerce website:

1) Dollar Shave Club

This site is product-focused – they’re selling one thing, and they know better than to distract visitors with a barrage of ads.

They also have some nice imagery – with a subtle nod to masculinity, given their target audience – and a nice design with plenty of white space around everything else.

Their calls to action are spread throughout the site, so people are likely to come across one of them no matter what they’re doing.

They also have a straightforward menu at the top of the screen, with good navigation to where people want to be. Below the header is where the real magic of this site comes in.

After reassuring people about the impressively low cost of their product, they move right into a simple “How It Works” section that clarifies what’s going on here and what buyers can expect.

It helps that this website is focused on a niche market. Now, niche isn’t the same thing as small – after all, “men who want to shave” isn’t exactly a low percentage of the population. It is, however, extremely specific – a fact they’ve capitalized on for their branding and overall design.

2) Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce is a clean site with good branding – people who visit know exactly what the site’s about as soon as they arrive, and that’s a crucial part of e-commerce website design.

Wisely, the site uses most of the first page to show off the excellent glasswork and tell the company’s story.

Simon Pearce also has good product descriptions, and things are easy for customers to add to their bags.

There’s a simple signup for email, and no spam when you log in, all of which are good choices.


3) Vermont Nature Creations

Like the other sites on this list, Vermont Nature Creations lets their products shine with a lot of white space and a clean page look. One picture can do more to sell a product than any amount of text, and they have some video to make things even better.

They’ve made clever use of their website design with most of their pictures, which zoom in a little bit when you mouse over them. This makes it possible to see a bit more detail, and more importantly, it’s comfortably reactive without being too aggressive.

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Many websites choose to brighten things that people scroll over – dimming them, on the other hand, isn’t likely to put users off.

Vermont Nature Creations

One other thing that sets this site apart from competitors is located up on their top menu bar. The Growing Tips section offers information that’s relevant to their customers, which is good for new and returning people alike.

That adds a degree of value to the site that no product could manage all on its own.

Great e-commerce website design is more than a checklist – it involves having a good understanding of what you’re selling, what would appeal to your potential customers, and how to make the most of visuals and calls to action.

A great website includes a great user experience! What is User Experience (UX) in Web Design?

As you can see in these three examples, though, simple is often better – don’t be afraid to streamline your site and focus on the one core message you want to deliver to your customers.



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