Once You’ve Created A Facebook Page For Your Business, You Have Become A Potential Facebook Advertiser.

At least that’s how Facebook looks at it.

Facebook will auto-create ad samples out of your most recent posts and show them to you in your news feed with a call-to-action to create an ad. Any time you post, the company will remind you about post-boosting opportunities.

It’s an aggressive approach, but Facebook can back it up. Its advertising program has a lot to offer businesses.

Go beyond organic posting with these keys to getting started with Facebook advertising.

The Keys to Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

Initiating A Facebook Ad Will Require A Couple Decisions

  • What is your goal? Deciding what you want to get out of your ad will inform its message and call-to-action. Common goals include increasing brand awareness through shares and comments, increasing your following through a link back to your Facebook page, and increasing traffic to your website with a clickable call-to-action.
  • What ad type will you run? Check out this list of Facebook ad options and how they are best used.
  • Boost a post – increases the number of people who see a particular post
  • Promote a page – increases the visibility of your Facebook page and builds your following.
  • Promote a website – increases traffic to your site via a link you share in the ad
  • Promote a local business – targets people living in, or visiting, the area around your business.
  • Boost an event – Increases awareness about an event and sells event tickets.

Starting With A Boosted Post

Boosting a post the simplest option and a great way to get your feet wet. The other options require set up within Facebook’s Ad Manager platform. A boosted post can be initiated right from your Facebook page without opening Ad Manager.

Because the post-boosting process has the fewest steps, it is also the easiest ad option to complete from a mobile device.

There is a lot of competition for organic news feed space, and Facebook generally prioritizes people over businesses. That’s why regular Facebook posts reach only a small percentage of a business’ following.

A boosted post reaches more of your following – it is displayed at or near the top of their feeds – and other Facebook users you decide to target. Unlike other ad options, a boosted post ad can’t be created from scratch. It can only be an amplification of an existing post.

Targeting A Boosted Post

A boosted post offers one of three targeting options. It’s a basic level of targeting compared to the granularity available for an ad created through Ad Manager.

  • People who like your page
  • People who like your page and their friends
  • A custom-targeted audience based on location, demographics and interests.

The budget and duration you choose will ultimately determine how many people see your ad. Facebook will give you an estimated reach that you can tweak with different budget and duration numbers.


Boost a post to break the ice with advertising on Facebook! It will unlock the power of your business page and set you up for future success on the more robust Ad Manager platform.


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