Focus On These Areas For A New Level Of Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is all about attracting prospects to your business and converting them into leads, customers, and promoters.

So it’s pretty simple to tell how well your efforts are working. How many new prospects has your inbound marketing program yielded? How many are taking the step to further their relationship with your company? How many new customers – and repeat customers – has your program generated?

Whatever the level of success you have had, there is always room for improving your inbound marketing. Focus on these four key areas to fine-tune your efforts and improve your results.

Four Pathways to Improving Your Inbound Marketing

1. Find More Specific Keywords

Ground your content creation with the search terms your target market is using to research your industry and location. Ensure all your blog posts are embedded with these keywords. A quick check-in with the keywords you’ve built your campaign around before you sit down to write a new blog post can really keep you on track.

Also re-evaluate the keywords you are using. People are increasingly entering questions into search engines. What specific questions do you think your target market is asking Google? Can you come up with more specific words and phrases that are better aligned with the needs of your audience?

Updated consideration of the keywords that underpin your inbound marketing campaign will enliven your content creation and make it more valuable to your audience.

2. Gated Content Improvement

It’s always a good time for improved content offers that are more relevant and more enticing to your prospects. Gated content speaks to people who have shown enough interest in your business to be on your website. It offers more value than your typical blog post.

Consider a new format for gated content improvement. If you’ve offered a research paper or a checklist as a download so far, try a webinar or informational video. Some prospects may be more inclined to check out a video than a text-based offer.


3. Paid Distribution

When you post your blogs to your social media pages, realize that you are reaching only a small percentage of your followers – like in the single digits. Social media companies thrive on advertising revenue from businesses like yours. So to reach your entire following, as well as other social media users in your target market, payment is required.

Social media advertising is an effective way to amplify the exposure of your content. Choose a blog that has already garnered organic engagement and pay to boost it. Or, if you’ve created content you are sure your audience will find valuable, make it a paid post right off the bat.

4. Segment Your Email List

Inbound marketing continues after your gated content has enticed your prospects to share their email address with you. As your email list grows, it will be populated by contacts with a variety of relationships with your company.

Make sure to use your email marketing software’s ability to segment your email list. Identify the contact source (for example, which form on your website they came through) and what their buying history is with your company.

Taking a new inventory of your email list, reclassifying prospects when necessary – leads that have become customers, for example – will improve the relevancy of your email marketing.


Consider improvements in these four areas to optimize your inbound marketing for improved lead generation and lead conversion.


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