As a digital marketing blog, we’ve written about a wide range of topics, from social media budgeting strategies, to advanced web design tips, to niche content marketing ideas. The main goal of content marketing is to provide informative, entertaining, and diverse media to your audience.

We understand that our audience ranges in industry, experience, goals and needs; that’s why we aim to provide a range of topics that will inform and delight all of our visitors. Here are some of our most favorite blogs of 2019!

Five Favs from 2019

1. Why You Should Be Sending Newsletters 

Two things people mistake as being outdated- email and newsletters. Even in 2019, emails were still the preferred means of communication from businesses by 73% of millennials. Additionally, 93% of businesses are currently still share newsletters.

Learn how email can help you effectively target audience segments and how newsletters can increase engagement across channels. There are so many options available to customize and tailor your newsletters to best engage your unique audience.

2. Marketing For Realtors In 2019 

While the real estate industry will never go out of style, the best means of connecting with buyers and sellers have changed. In 2019, we shared new trends and techologies that help Realtors to connect with clients online.

Buying or selling a home is a huge decision for most people, so the expertise you display online can have a great impact on whether or not a prospective client will consider hiring you to represent them. The millennial generation is over 80 million strong, and many are at the point in their lives where they are buying homes. As a tech-reliant generation, the majority of millennials will be using the internet to inform most of their realty decisions.

Read more to learn about how you can best engage with prospects using the latest trends in internet marketing.

3. 4 Examples Of Curated Instagram Accounts 


Instagram has exploded in the marketing world over the last few years and is quickly becoming a must for many digital marketers. As the most image-based social platform, your IG presence is heavily reliant on your visual aesthetic.


Instagram works to not only promote your brand, but it can also help visitors better remember the information you provide when paired with a relevant image.

The most engaging and effective accounts use a strong sense of design to create a cohesive brand that helps to promote the products or services of the company. These four very diverse brands show that no matter what industry you work in, you can use strong visual branding to enhance your messaging and engage with your audience.

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4. How Hubspot Changed The Way We Do Email Marketing


Let’s say it again, “email is not dead!” In 2019, 99% of people still check their email daily. That means you have a guaranteed chance to engage your target audience where they are every single day. To properly utilize email to reap all the benefits, you’ll want a program that can provide multiple features that cater to your needs.

We love Hubspot, and the email marketing features have helped us bring our campaigns to the next level. Hubspot helps us to best target our audience segments to make the most of every email. There are also many useful Hubspot features that can ensure you are sending out the most engaging content in the most effective format to the right people at the right time.

5. Stay Creative When Creating Content 


If you’ve utilizing content marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably had those weeks where you can’t seem to think of any new  ideas. We can relate. Even the best content creators get a creative block sometimes. The key is to find ways to get those juices flowing again.

Everyone is different, so your block may come in different forms, but there are always ways to reset your mind and regain focus. Read on to learn more about what you can do to prevent your content from going stale and you from losing your creative edge.


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