Blogging for Realtors

Realtor blogs that are relevant and timely can be great content for followers and future customers – local news, events, new construction, etc.

While these topics are very useful for your readers, it is also a great idea to create evergreen content that will provide valuable information that is less time-sensitive, so it can be shared and viewed and keeps its relevance for a longer time.

Evergreen blogs are also great for SEO, as they serve to answer often-asked questions by home buyers and sellers.

Below are a few topics to get you started in creating your own evergreen topics for Realtor blogging:

1. How To Photograph Your Home

The Internet makes viewing properties much easier, but online listings need high-quality photos to attract buyers.

Taking your own photos is easier than it might sound! Introduce the many valuable online tools that sellers can use to improve the quality of their images.

Go beyond still images and explain the many ways sellers can use videos and 360-degree photos to give a better impression of their home.

Sellers might be intimidated by taking their own photos and videos and unsure of how to get started, but they will trust your expert advice to break it all down for them!

2. How To Use Social Media To Find Your Next Home

Social media has become a major player in most industries, but social media for real estate can be a huge help for all parties.

Write out tips and how-tos for different social platforms. Try to focus on a few platforms you think are most valuable to your reader.

Always keep your target audience in mind. This is a very useful evergreen topic because you can target it towards all parties- buyers, sellers, and Realtors. Research how each party can best use each platform and reap the rewards of social media marketing.

3. How To Present Your Home To Attract Buyers

The presentation of a home drastically effects how a buyer views it. Over the years you’ve learned how to arrange furniture or adjust lighting to best present different interior and exterior areas. Readers will be eager to get some timeless professional advice.

Your readers will appreciate a guide to making their home look as spacious and inviting as possible. Draw upon your own experience and other tips you find online to help viewers make the most of their property.

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4. Tips For First-Time Homeowners

Buying your first home can be intimidating, and many people now turn to the internet for advice.

You could use a topic like this either as its own post or as a pillar page. In this case, you could create a pillar page with lists of other blogs where you address concerns and questions a new buyer might have at any point in the process.

Posts like this are especially useful if you continue to update them as you post new blogs.

5. Moving Tips And Tricks

This is a classic topic that will never expire. Simple hacks and clever tricks can make moving much easier and is definitely a topic people will continue to flock to.

Your professional advice is valued and will improve your customers’ satisfaction. Consider also including a list of local vendors who can help with the process.

Not only is this information always relevant and valuable, but it can improve your SEO as well. When your customers are happy, they are more likely to write positive reviews, which can play a big role in your SEO standing.

Similarly, linking to local businesses will improve your local SEO, which can have a huge impact on small businesses.

Ultimately, your content should be focused on your readers- what do they hope to get by visiting your blog? What do you want to provide for them?

Maximize the impact of your blog by utilizing it as a part of your SEO strategy by optimizing each post. Continue building your online presence and your blog is sure to stay evergreen!

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