WordPress Is A Fantastic Resource That Serves As An Open-Source Content Management System.

It is a great platform to use for building and managing a website as it is particularly user-friendly and has a number of helpful features. WordPress also has the added benefit of being very easy for search engines to read and determine what the content on a site is about, potentially increasing organic traffic to a site.


WordPress plugins are features that extend the functionality of a website and can be easily tailored to a company’s specific needs. Many plugins are available as direct downloads through WordPress, while others are offered by third-party sources.


We spent some time talking with our talented and WordPress-savvy web developers about what plugins are the most valuable to them.

Here Is A List Of Our 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins, And Why We Think They’re Great:

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a widely popular WordPress plugin that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO), which helps make your site easily readable for search engines. One of the most popular used plugins is Yoast. Yoast consistently gets five-star reviews from users and  can help you optimize your website and help improve the ranking of your site in search results.

So, why do we like it?

Our web guru Mat says that Yoast has “more than 5 million active WordPress installs, frequent updates, and great support.”

And just how much do we like it?

“We use Yoast SEO for WordPress on all of our WordPress sites because we find it’s the best way to manage your website’s SEO.”

2. UpdraftPlus Backups

This particular plugin is known to our developers as “one of the best free backup plugins.” Why worry about the possibility of losing all your data when it can be 100% covered? UpdraftPlus Backups can backup files to a number of sites including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and email.

This plugin offers upgrades that require payment, but still has great baseline plugin features that will protect and backup important data.

There’s nothing better than knowing your files are protected from anything that may happen.

3. Google Analytics For WordPress

Google Analytics is a handy tool that tracks and reports website traffic. The Google Analytics WordPress plugin makes it even easier to use the analytics service by giving users the ability to add and manage tracking codes.

Mat says this plugin is especially useful because once it is connected, “this plugin also gives you the ability to view Google analytics stats within your site’s WordPress dashboard.”

All-in-one? More like all-in win.

4. Imagify Image Optimizer

Incorporating engaging visual elements in a website has become increasingly important in this digital age.

Photos on a website have to be in tip-top shape without slowing the page down, and “optimizing images is great for achieving faster page load times.” The Imagify Image Optimizer helps us achieve this while being “powerful enough for professionals, and easy enough for beginners to use.”

We use this plugin as an easy way to optimize and resize new and existing WordPress image uploads.

Even a compact picture can be worth a thousand words!

5. Sucuri

Website security is an area that cannot be overlooked and this is a great plugin for those who want the reassurance of a comprehensive and easy to use security platform.

Sucuri is ranked highly among its competitors and includes basic features such as firewalls, regular scans for viruses, and malware removal and fixes should your site be compromised.

The plugin is affordable and offers several plans that you can choose from based on your budget.

WordPress is a great tool to use to maintain a website, and plugins add to the many different things you can use to make your site the very best it can be!