With so many different social media platforms available now, you would assume people have moved on from older platforms, but Facebook still proves to be one of the greatest social media tools for business owners.

Facebook has 2.23 billion users worldwide, making it the most popular social media platform. In the U.S., 62% of users check Facebook at least once a day, meaning your target audience is probably checking their newsfeed daily.

Below are a few reasons why Facebook is still worth your investment.


Find And Connect With Your Target Audience

In order to meet your business goals, you need to know who you are trying to attract. Buyer personas allow you to predict what types of customers will be interested in your business, which means you will have a better understanding of what advertising and content will connect with your audience.

You can study your Facebook analytics with Facebook Insights. Insights will help you better understand who is viewing your page and how your content is being received by tracking engagement and audience responses to your page and posts, as well as collecting data on audience demographics.

Facebook Audience Insights basically creates your buyer personas for you by delivering demographics such as age, gender, education, relationship status, location, language, and more. Beyond basic biographical information, Facebook will also give you insight into the lifestyles, purchase behaviors, and purchase methods of people interacting with your content.

Facebook also tracks analytics for your shared content. Data on page likes, post reach, and engagement give you insight into how, where, and when your post was accessed. Using this data, you will be able to track how every post is received and develop your marketing strategy to better suit your goals.


Easy On Your Budget

Besides posting content for free on your page, business pages also have the opportunity to pay to promote. By paying to promote, you are ensuring that more people will see your content compared to your unpaid content.

Boosting your post on Facebook to a select audience will allow you to promote to potential leads. You choose how much you want to spend on the post and it will appear on your selected audience’s newsfeed as an ad. Create target audiences based on your analytics and promote specific content to people in those groups, which allows you to target the exact audience you believe is going to respond to the post the most. The ad will run as long as you want and you can limit how much you want to pay for the ad.

On average, boosted posts cost about $.58 per click, but industry greatly affects the cost. Smaller businesses might need to invest more in their posts (about $1/click) due to smaller target audiences and industry competition.

Although boosting is considered an ad, Facebook Ads work a little differently. Ads give you more freedom in where the ad will be shown- newsfeed sidebar, messenger, Instagram stories, etc. You can also choose your payment plan- setting a daily maximum budget or lifetime budget. Daily maximum allows you to run an ad until your determined daily maximum budget is met, while also letting you specify the number of days it runs. Lifetime budget allows you to run the ad until a total maximum budget is reached or the ad expires.


Through Ads Manager you can measure the performance of your ads and adjust your marketing strategy. Look at both your boosted posts and paid ads, and collect analytics on who is engaging with your ads and the response the ads are getting. You can also track conversions, which allows you to see who made purchases or signed up for newsletters and find shoppers similar to those who have made purchases.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

While your Facebook page is a great resource, you probably have also invested in a website. Your website is the best place to send your visitors with content posted to other platforms. By posting CTAs, blog posts, photos and videos, and sharing content from other brands, you will create a steady stream of weekly content that will draw visitors into your website and Facebook page.

The type of content you share will depend on your brand, but Facebook is unlike many other social media platforms because it supports all types of media- images, video, text, links, gifs- which can be used as ads, boosted posts, or posted to your Story. Where Instagram is limited to photos and videos, and LinkedIn depends on text and links, Facebook can support all of your content.

Having your content all located on your website and then sharing links across social media is a great way to increase traffic to your site. You can also include social share plugins to your site to encourage more sharing of your content, which will in turn continue to bring in more traffic to your site. Having more quality content makes your site a more valuable resource, which will boost your SERP ranking.

Finally, you’re going to need to optimize your website. Hopefully you have already made your site mobile compatible, but compatibility is especially important when using Facebook. 95% of Facebook users worldwide use Facebook on a smartphone, meaning when visitors are sent to your website from your page, they are most likely using a mobile device. In a study comparing two similar sites, one responsive and one non-responsive, the non-responsive site saw almost 30% more dropped sessions, ranked 27 slots lower on Google SERP, and saw an increase in bounce rate by 37% compared to the responsive site.

Mobile responsiveness could make or break your Facebook experience. Fifty percent of global mobile-web users use mobile as their primary or exclusive way to access the Internet, so having a unresponsive site means you’re probably losing a lot of visitors, especially when linking from social media.


Regardless of your industry, you will always be looking for the best way to connect with customers and potential leads. Facebook allows you to post all your content in one place that is easily accessible to billions of users. By targeting the right audience, encouraging visitor engagement, and posting quality content, you can utilize what Facebook has to offer and boost your conversion rate and website traffic.


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