Non-Profit Email Marketers Are In The Enviable Position Of Having Great Stories To Tell Through Email Newsletters.

The work volunteers are doing, the accomplishments of clients, the fundraising goals achieved – these are the building blocks of awesome email newsletters that people want to read.

Your opportunity as a non-profit email marketer is to present these stories compellingly to the right segment of your audience.

Consider the following hallmarks of compelling email marketing for non-profit organizations. They will help your overall marketing efforts and further your organization’s mission.

How to Use Email for Non-profit Organizations

1. Your Campaign Is Targeted

The contacts on your organization’s email list likely came from a variety of sources. Perhaps some signed on at an event, others filled out a form on your website, and others were added by volunteering or making a donation.

Email newsletter software encourages users to segment their contact lists into groups. A non-profit organization can segment contacts into groups like volunteers, donors, and clients.

Before writing an email, consider who you are addressing. This will help you create the most relevant and compelling content for your targeted audience.

It will also help you further the goal of the email through hyper-targeted calls-to-action. If the email’s goal is to solicit donations, consider a prominently displayed “Donate Now!” button. If you are seeking more client engagement, multiple “Contact Us” buttons are effective.

When you segment your lists, you’ll speak to each contact in a way that is relevant to them.


2. You Have Photo And Video Assets

Volunteer work and client successes are naturally photogenic. Great newsletter content often starts in the field, where you can take photos and videos of your organization in action. Professional photography is nice to have, but a little practice and confidence with your phone’s camera app will result in fine imagery for newsletters.

Email software services like MailChimp offer drag-and-drop editors that make it easy to place your photos where you want them and crop and size to your liking. Large photos of people with expressive faces are always a good play!

Consider using free web-based design software like Canva to add words to a picture to create a more compelling package.

Approach video in emails with caution. Large video files – ones that play longer than about a half-minute – bog down the loading times of emails. Slow loading times are a killer for call-to-action conversion rates. If your email doesn’t load quickly, you’ll lose a sizable portion of your audience.

Consider using an image with a play button designed into the middle of it as a link to view videos on your website. Also, consider creating animated GIFs as a quicker-loading alternative to video.

3. Your Email Is Well-Branded

For most sends, your organization’s logo belongs top and center of your email design. It’s a quick reintroduction to your brand for contacts who may need an extra nudge to recall their connection to your organization.

Another effective branding tool for emails is a brief director’s note. A personalized note along with a photo of the director gives emails a personal touch, re-establishes connection, and sets the tone of the email.

Remember also to include social media buttons and full website and contact information at the bottom of the email.


Following these tips will give your non-profit email newsletters the targeting, content, and branding to further your organization’s goals and mission.


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