Over 90% of people between 18 and 25 years old have purchased at least one product or service as the result of an email campaign.

Although to some email might seem outdated compared to trends like social media marketing, email marketing is an efficient and reliable tool for bringing relevant, engaging, and exciting content to your viewer’s inbox.

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1. Artificial Intelligence

You’ve probably heard about the power of AI in other sectors, but have you considered utilizing machine learning in your marketing strategy?

AI will streamline your email testing to create content that best connects with your audience. Trade out tedious manual testing for automated, smart testing that can increase engagement, personalize content for viewers, optimize send time, offer precise product recommendations, and more.

Although AI can become very complicated very quickly, there are applications available to make the process simpler.

PhraseeAlbert, and ZetaHub use algorithms and customer databases to predict and test the best content for your audience.

Utilizing AI will lead to more efficient testing, a larger target audience, more engaging content, higher conversion rates, and more.

2. Personalization

Email marketing is most effective when you use emails as a means to bring your products and services directly to those who are most interested.

Although it can be done manually with more manpower, AI can tailor emails to individuals’ specific needs and test the effects of these changes. By studying the behaviors of your customers, you are learning how to better serve them in the future.

People are more likely to engage with personalized messages, while 52% of customers will go to a different source if an email is not personalized.

Content personalized to include the reader’s name, subject lines or headlines with particular phrasing, CTAs, layout, promotions, even send time can impact whether the customer opens and clicks through or immediately deletes.

Whether manually or with AI, personalizing email content can have a huge impact on your engagement levels.

3. CRM

With all the information we can receive from new technology, you need a CRM that is up-to-date.

Social data enables you to study your customers holistically, giving you a better understanding of what each individual needs and wants. You can now sort your customers more efficiently to bring them relevant content.

Updated CRM data and a reliable system can secure new customers while satisfying and building a stronger relationship with current customers.

4. Mobile Responsive

Americans are heavily reliant on smartphones, with 1-in-5 adults relying solely on their phone for web access.

Not only do people check emails on their phone, but they also search and shop the web on mobile as well. Knowing what device your customers use is another important aspect of providing each customer with their best experience of your brand.

Emails that display and function properly on mobile devices and link to mobile-responsive websites are essential for connecting with the 77% of Americans who own a smartphone.

5. Video

Part of engaging customers is creating new and exciting content. Sending out monotonous emails is not only boring but can also sometimes feel like spam.

Using video in emails only engages customers when used properly, however; people are unlikely to watch videos that don’t display or play right.

Most email servers do not automatically embed videos, unfortunately, but there are ways to share video without just sending out a link. GIFs, images with play buttons, or a combination of the two are the most popular options.

Having a gif gives viewers a dynamic preview of the content and entices them to follow the link. Still images with a play button also encourage the viewer to click the image that can then link to the video on a website.

There are also applications, such as covideo and Campaign Monitor , that can help you embed videos into your emails to be viewed in an inbox.

Every business has different goals, and ever-evolving technology is always providing you with new ways to connect with customers and build your brand. Even older technology like email can be brought into 2019 with a few upgrades.

Providing customers with the right content at the right time can make all the difference. Consider these trends in the new year to start connecting with customers today!

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