How Is Your Website Working For You? Take A Look At These Three Key Areas For Opportunities To Elevate Your Site’s Performance.

Website performance can be measured in a variety of ways. You can look at bottom line metrics, like visitor time on site and lead conversion ratios, as well as intangible measures like the mood your site sets, and the impression it creates about your brand.

If you want to get the most out of your digital homebase, it’s helpful to keep an eye on these benchmarks, and always be looking for ways to get even more from your website.

Not sure where to find opportunities for improvement? Take the time to evaluate these three areas:

3 Easy Tips to Take Your Website to the Next Level

1. Your Header

Does this “above the fold” space on your website make a quick and effective impact? Since every visitor to your homepage sees this spot first, it needs your boldest image and most compelling call-to-action.

You may even want to consider becoming an early adopter of the “video header” trend. Internet speeds are such that video headers generally don’t bog down loading times, and they make a lasting impression.

Would an auto-playing video help tell your story quickly and unmistakably? If so, investigate whether your website hosting service supports video headers and spend time gathering ideas and inspiration for the kind of content that would best convert visitors into clients.

If a video header isn’t in the cards for you, perhaps a sliding image header would be a visual upgrade. These rotating slideshows allow you to display multiple images and different calls-to-action, or customer testimonials in the header space.


2. Landing Pages

Landing pages are the lead generation engines of a website. Want to take your site’s lead generation performance to a new level? Yes, we all do! Then it makes sense to increase the number of landing pages on your website.

One way to generate ideas for new landing pages is to create offers that have value to your target audience.

What piece of content – for example, a webinar, a template, or a checklist – can you offer that your prospects will find relevant and educational? Build fresh landing pages around this newly created content, requiring contact information from your visitors in exchange for the valuable information they will receive.

Bolstering the number of landing pages on your site will increase your site’s lead generating capacity.

3. Your Conversion Forms

Landing pages need properly balanced forms to work. Ask too much on a form and you risk alienating your visitors. But too little in the way of contact and demographic information may not help you fulfill your business goals.

Can you simplify your forms without sacrificing function? Or, are your forms performing well enough that you can increase the amount of contact and demographic information you are asking your visitors to supply?

If your forms have a higher conversion rate on your desktop site than your mobile site, it could mean you are asking too much information for a mobile visitor to comfortably handle.

Filling out forms on mobile devices can be time-consuming and frustrating. It’s important that your mobile website respects this. Evaluate how your forms perform on mobile. Can you pare down the number of fields and still fulfill the goals of the form? Can you provide drop down menu choices instead of having your visitors type in individualized responses?

Make sure your mobile website is fully functional by optimizing it with mobile-friendly forms.


Evaluate these three areas to take your website to the next level of performance.


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