As A Realtor, Evolving With The Changing Digital Landscape Is An Important Part Of The Job.

You know that optimizing your online presence is the best way to do business in the 21st century, but it can seem daunting at times.

It’s tricky to maintain your independence while also reaping the benefits of your national brand AND leveraging websites like Zillow and

Here’s our best advice on navigating the current reality of digital marketing for Realtors:

3 Keys to Successful Digital Marketing for Realtors

1) Play Nice With Zillow

It’s a David vs. Goliath story when it comes to local Realtors trying to compete with Zillow online. The reality is, some buyers are going to start and finish their property searches all on Zillow.

Plus, Zillow is going to be at the top of search engine result pages for most general real estate search terms.

So, it’s best to take a complementary approach rather than a competitive one. Research ways to advertise on the site to get the most out of its massive reach.

For example, Zillow Premier Agent – the platform’s primary advertising product – gives Realtors exclusive advertising space on listings they submit to the site. Without it, other agents’ information will appear next to your listing.


2) Give Results

Zillow’s search function is extensive but it’s not exhaustive. And it’s not always up-to-the-minute. Here’s an area where a local Realtor can provide better value for property searchers.

Having a top-tier search bar on your Realtor website is a great way to keep prospects engaged and returning to your site.

Prospective buyers want to be greeted with a prominent, obvious search bar when they navigate to a Realtor website.

At Breezy Hill Marketing, We Specialize In Real Estate Website Design

If you can return quick search results showing bedroom and bath numbers, price, location and a professional photo, your website will have a much better chance at consistent conversions.

3) Tell Your Story

While your listings will be available on your site as well as national sites that rely on MLS data, your own personal story can only be told on your own website.

Give site visitors a personal look (don’t forget your photo!) and description of you as a Realtor, as well as descriptions and photos of your team if you have one. A robust “About” page makes it clear to prospects what they will get if they hire you to represent them.

People want to find information on the internet, but they are still looking for a connection and top-notch service from a Realtor. Your About page is where you can get a little more personal and tell the story of how you will handle the transaction as a professional and as an advocate for your clients.

Your site is also the spot where you can illustrate your properties exactly how you want them, showing only the best photos, writing compelling copy, and designing a display that best illustrates the listing.

Digital marketing for Realtors means maintaining a presence on a variety of platforms. It will pay off for you in a lead pool built from a diversified lead-generation stream.


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